The Ugliest Checkmate of All: Our Disabilities and the Advantages Taken

There is ONE reason why they are getting away with passing laws like kings, laughing at us, telling us to “shut up and sit down”. Why they have the nerve to start shipping out vials of poisons to use force to make us take across this world…when they have done NOT A THING of this scope for ANY illness nor disaster that’s ever hit us.

One god damned reason. Why they dismantled our rights, yet clown around pretending that we still have them. As if we’re too damned cement headed to add two plus nothing.

And I’m going to relate a true and recent story to illustrate it.

A best friend of mine (either at the end of last year or beginning of this) confided something very troubling to me.

Her eldest son, a Millennial generation young man, was hired at an institution that will remain nameless. I have recorded and shipped the names of the companies involved to a secure location, along with the daily notes I kept whenever she kept me updated. For my country can no longer be trusted..except for The People.

He had been afflicted with a lifetime of ADHD symptoms-a common and growing trouble amongst our children and affecting many older adult men as well. He was brilliant academically, very hard working and a simple and decent young man. The trouble was that, job after job, he wasn’t able to “get along with his co-workers”. This too, is a very common 500 pound gorilla that this nation has been too proud or too confused to drag out of its ugly corner.

He was moved to his own office, to work on his own. Great trust was given to him and he was made to feel as if his talents were superior to his co-workers, so the change of atmosphere benefitted him tremendously.

He ran across an invoice/paperwork which clearly indicated an internationally active parts manufacturer his company had contracted with had a 70% failure rate of their parts. They were mechanical parts re: planes.

You read that right. Not 10. Not 17. Seventy.

My friend was highly alarmed when he told her this, as was I when I heard it.

He went straight to his superiors with this alarming news. They thanked him up and down with great concern, excited talk about “this sort of thing not standing”..bla and the so-n-so.

He was given a promotion and promised a raise. Each time he asked for an update on whether this rather ugly “snafu” was being looked into, he received firm assurance which involved talk of an “ upcoming lawsuit” and once again the repeated show of how “serious” this was.

This was at the very beginning when my friend told me. If they have done something by now and I missed it in the news or someone failed to update me..there’s still a serious point to be made.

Because they were a reputable company and he was so well respected and provided for, he took them at their word. And this is where he stayed, taking their word.

Although the offer of raise and promotion was taken away with “covid” used as an excuse.

Although, months later…not a thing was done….except for their “words”.

I was going to start this post with a few examples of how I had been taken advantage of, too many times, in my life.

From childhood to these very days. Being a dual “Aspergers” and “ADHD” adult (with a paper trail of childhood troubles and evaluations that stem from school, group homes, therapists, psychiatrists- including the eventual lost custody my parents underwent..because of the abuses they couldn’t help doling out towards this “awkward” “evil” and “retarded” former child.)

I decided that there’s no need for me to do so.

I know exactly what I’ve been seeing and damned well understand every corner and scenario that goes down re: “people like me” as far as what we can not see and what we just simply can not understand, although our basic or brilliant work skills don’t suffer to such devastating degrees.

It’s on their high holy symptoms list..isn’t it?

That lack of reasoning..that shatters the heart and pride of every man I’ve ever met, when he happens to let “slip” things he can’t hide or is WAY beyond tired of explaining. My being unable to say that I completely understand..because there is a deep and overwhelming suspicion of females in general. And because they have been hurt very deeply for decades on end.

If not for these evil bastards (our current attackers) doing as they have over 30 years..there would have been no reason to deal with this massive influx of “inexplicable breakdowns” in communication, lack of empathy and whatever other hells the UN chemists, engineers and all involved, biologically lumbered us with. Never mind the sick four decades of social propaganda and perverted conditioning.

Inability to socialize, detect lies or tell them, and whatever other ills that mark human beings for the steady and cruel onslaught of abuses that are so easy to inflict…

When human beings have been disabled like this.

It is why there aren’t enough folks in the media doing what they need to do, instead of seeing what will hurt them eventually as well.

It is why important looking politicians (the average Joes..not the cackling insiders) and heads of departments are blindly and willingly following the orders of an institution that has done nothing, has a long history of criminality and horrible 2001 legacy of 23 world class epidemiologists, human geneticists and biologists who “mysteriously” died and coincidentally were murdered…within the unbelievable short span of 14 months across different countries.

Because we have been struck blind.

For this very time and for finalizing the taking over of everything we ever worked for and were assured no man on Earth could ever take away… three entire generations of schoolchildren were lied to about. Adults who grew up to be the used, abused and misled adults who are unknowingly participating or participating because they’ve been rewarded and/or their anger towards an uncaring society in general has secured them the wide eyed “understanding” of the vile managers who run them around in circles….without challenge.

I had a few extra things to add and sincere advice re: being on the look-out for our loved ones who are being used to our detriment…

But I don’t need to. Like one of their hoary crew had the nerve to remind us after one of the most devastating disasters to hit our land…

“Fool me once, shame on you…(before jokingly flubbing the rest) I will end it with

Fool me again….it’s still your god damned shame. And the world is going to know it soon enough.”

We may not be able to help how the hell we were born but I promise you that my husbands, my sons, my brothers?….the ones who wore their uniforms and willingly did as they were asked…and have put up with far more abuse than any human being should be allowed to bear (especially with the number of us females bringing violence and confusion to their homes)…we GET a lot of things and are far more capable of straightening our focuses than these animals may or may not wish to believe.

That’s all.

Good night. And Good Work and Blessings for the up and coming days.

For whatever was done and for however long this has been in effect..the “crop” that was produced by you bristle backed Frankensteins? the very last “crop” a horde of slower thinking cretins should have taken for granted.

NOTE: I still stand by my former post “1853 Autism Traits..?”. While it is very clear that normal personality traits have always been highlighted to use against our men..there can be NO denying that much too many unusually increased ills were dumped on top of our DNA over the last several decades.

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