The Embarrassment Just Goes On and On..

At first, I was annoyed and sorry that my eye caught sight of the following “letter to the editor”. Considering that we’re “this” close to being herded into the “mysterious” concentration camps which we’ve seen be built over the last four decades across this country…it brought something to mind.

Letters to the Editor: Councilman Paul Koretz: Mask whiners are members of the ‘Lamest Generation’ (

Well, the kid is right about one thing. This Paul Whatchamahoozit.

That we should summon up thoughts of World War 2.

The fact that hundreds of thousands of loyal Japanese American families lost their homes by forced evacuations.

The ones who spent years washing their clothes, eating, loving and dying in American concentration camps. The ones who suffered years under prison regulated lives and surviving through an ocean of hurt and stone cold betrayal. On top of lost businesses, stolen homes and devastated lives…on the same “because we said so” nonsense, with the same exact lack of evidence to justify the same human rights violations as Today.

Because of the “high possibilities of danger” expressed at that time regarding the danger of them turning coats and joining Japan’s side against us.

No matter how many fourth or third generation Japanese American youngsters grew up alongside their white neighbors..and whose fathers had sacrificed lives fighting alongside (what was supposed to be) their other American “brothers”.

Not to mention all of the other victims, whom the world turned their back on as well. Innocent Germans and Italians.

Not Widely Know – The Internment Camps of Germans in America During WW2 (

Because America was, as it is now, suffering from an intensely idiotic sort of spell based on a single order from Massa.

A spell which rendered them dumb.

A spell which wiped away all of what they learned in school about the signs of a tyrannical government clean out of their minds.

At least, the Massa of that time actually looked and acted like an adult whom “we had all better listen to”. With his intense and furrowed brow, deep voice and well measured and serious sounding words.

The respectful intimidation factor alone, coming from our leaders at that time, was enough to grant the lemmings a little forgiveness for their inhumanity against their enslaved brethren.

We could see that we were dealing with grown men at that time of betrayals and games.

Men who, at the very least, pretended to do as we did, pretended great sincerity and sympathies and walked the walk of mature adults with common and decent sensibilities. Although we know now that they were as full of raw sewage, in their truest intentions and most hidden characters, as their sickly and anemic successors.

Even they would have been disgusted, disappointed and stood dumbfounded at the state of “leaders” of Today, in this new generation of betrayals and games.

“Leaders” with high toned and childlike voices, which don’t answer questions about the very serious issue of our deaths with respect or solemnity. But with high school grade sarcasms and (like the Paul Whatsit from the letter) this eerie “nanny boo boo” sticking out of their mental tongues. Most, I’ve noticed, can’t even bother brushing their hair or spooking the wrinkles out from their jackets. They’re even sloppy in how they present themselves.

Because their mentalities and reason have been frozen into permanent “child” mode. Where what Daddy demands is what Baby will do, as long as Daddy pats Baby’s fat head and fills Baby’s tum tum with goodies. As long as Baby is safe in his own crib, to diddle with his toes and blow spit bubbles in unbothered peace.

Screw any facts.

Screw that weird things like all deaths being termed as being from the “virus” are happening..

Screw that a CDC which has done nothing in 80 years over any disease what-so-ever has now been allowed to dictate banking laws, residency laws, sexual laws and all laws.

Screw that we actually have a Constitution at all. Screw that not only do we have one major threat that is being ignored, but two more on top of it which specifically issue the urgent commands that the current generation of children (in their time) be exterminated and be “gotten rid of” as much as possible.

Which, if Paul and whatever other snide mouth-hole would shut their mouths and open their eyes to see…is exactly what’s going on. And has been.

We’re dealing with sweating, squint eyed and smirking faces delivering laughter and guffaws during press conferences. Changed stories. No stories.

When all it would take is thirty little minutes of disproving all that a human being could, regarding this false virus…we have giant children squeezed into vaguely adult looking carcasses, giggling, spouting sarcasms and flouncing their tushies onto planes to do as they please..after leaving enraged crowds of citizens behind, who were basically instructed to “f off and die more miserable” under tightening regulations which they don’t need to listen to for themselves. So there.

I’m shocked that I even read that thing.

Knowing, for a fact, that we’ve been bio-chemically arrested in our development is bad enough. But to see the proof coming from “adult” folks, in even minor positions of power, with the nonsense that they spew..with no more sophistication nor respect than a hyped up cheerleading captain stomping out stupid “warrior” squawks for “her boys”?…’s just embarrassing, that’s all.

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