A Painfully Obvious Set-Up

It reminds me to remember something important.

Something that I need reminding of , because my hate and anger pop up each time that I see an example of what I’m going to address.

When I see “leading” members of this “new majorities” hogwash that the UN conditioned into our lives…when they use foul language or insulting tones when responding to constituents of theirs. When they speak to people like children or dogs, demanding that they keep on their masks or yell at them to not dare question the CDC.

Folk who are female like me, minority like me, non-straight like me and carrying all “autistic” markers ..since my birth.

The abusive and power wielding “special” ones who are laying down the laws across the world..and helping make the rest of us, like me, even more hated, feared and suspected.

As Massa wanted.

Folk who are being used like cheap whores, enjoying being used but will eventually end up in weeping heaps because the blame for the ruination of this world will eventually find them in their old ages.

I have to remember this. That they are victims as well.

Nasty as they are…blind as they wish to feel being.

After their Massa already bragged about how we won’t recover from our fertility drop..

Another Record Low: Will The U.S. Fertility Rate’s Collapse Ever End? (forbes.com)

US fertility rate falls to ‘all-time low,’ CDC says – CNN

ALL I can see them as….(the ones who have spoken the harshest and pulled the most power abuses straight across our lives and the standing Constitution that still exists)…

..is as the ones who will be blamed for the entirety of not caring about our imprisonment and the destruction of male /female relationships.

Because the majority, of what I’ve seen, who are expressing the most hate and derision (as governors, CDC workers, Mayors, etc) are in same sex relationships.

It’s the most obvious and truly most foul set-up that I have ever witnessed go down…ever.

For as it is understood by sane and able minds, it will be seen in the future supply of sane and abled minds …there is no reason on this Earth that human beings should have been subjected to this massive seizing of power and stopping  to their sexual/ mating lives…when it was made clear as clear can be that their decades of sterilization, propaganda and poisoning finally dragged us into this seemingly “end game” position.

To continue blathering about “saving millions of lives”…when you have essentially killed billions of women’s, men’s and children’s lives by stripping them of EVERYTHING they ever lived for, grew on and looked forward to being….by changing their genders, sterilizing them from having babies, murdering the notion of heterosexual sex through all movies and tv shows…

It can and will only be seen, by current youth and future citizens , as something that only a group of human beings who will be seen as  (for many MISTAKENLY and UNJUSTLY. I hope) and accused of harboring so much hatred against heterosexual “breeders” that they allowed decades of abuse…right up to and including the risk of very extinction.

They will be the only ones left to hang up high and dry…without much to say in their defense because their rages, their hatred, sarcasms and unwillingness to lift what are obviously gross universal human rights violations ..will be forever on record.

( It is why you will keep seeing the vague pronouncements of “suggestions” or “recommendations” from the UN. For when all does go sideways, they will be “in the clear”- in the wake of the provable treason committed against us by our mayors, governors, elected officials, who CHOSE to do as they did to us)

It’s a hard one.

That’s why I admit my needing to remind myself of what “victims” they are.

It’s just a shame that they’re in the position they are , as our tormentors…subject to the exact same miseries down the line….and made to look so unforgivably ignorant in such public ways that the entire world will, indeed, be forced to lay a tremendous heft of this burden, scorn and returned abuses on their shoulders. There will be no other group in the world that we’ll be able to see (as the UN will still probably remain hidden) that could have possibly went through with this insanity, with the obvious scorn and open happiness that too many of them are expressing.

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