One Thing to Start Addressing.

photo By koryaba

(Rewrite of original Dec. posting)

There is a topic which many wouldn’t find appropriate to discuss during the holidays.

The topic concerning “what’s going on with us on these days.”

Some think it’s a “downer” topic that is better left alone until after the holidays, if not dropped all together. Some of it revolves around the coronavirus. Some of it revolves around The Church doing what it’s been doing for way too long. And some of it revolves around some “end of the world” hoo doo.

Specifically, let’s say that the topic includes one choosing to believe that the “hormone-sterilization-changing genders-church-showing-its-ass” thing is what’s going down.

It’s not exactly the sort of banter most would choose for party-time.

I, however, am convinced that it can lead to good opportunities.

Opportunities which could be borne from the serious addressing and eventual acceptance of “what’s really going on”


The opportunity to look into your angry spouse’s eyes and feel tenderness instead of fear. Even in the most dreadful and most uncomfortable of repeated episodes and ‘breaks’.

Choosing to recall how gentle she used to be when you were both younger, instead of returning the insult or shout.

Because you would know that she would have been just as horrified as you, at the way she’s acting now. Because you would understand that her heart would have been thoroughly broken, if she knew that she would end up in this way…if anyone would have been as cruel as to predict such a thing in your youth. If she knew that the so-called “caregivers” of this system had purposefully intended to do “this” to her mind..and that countless corporations, academics and figureheads would silently and coldly ignore the entire thing. For glory that would never materialize and agendas which remain (as always) unfulfilled.

For nothing.

We can gain the opportunity to teach ourselves how to patiently allow the tall stories and blatant lies to flow, without “needing” to force the truth out of someone.

(A ‘someone’ whose mind may be playing out in such terrifying realism, that his/her brain’s been left unable to distinguish “truth” from “lies” on his/her screen.

A Screen which there is no final escape-although many will run themselves to the grave trying to run away from it.)

 Without any falling apart, panicking and without arguments breaking out. With no hurt feelings or unnecessary back and forth nonsense like…

YESSS, that is what you sssaid!!”

“NO! I did not!! GO and drown yourself and’re such a liar”

With none of that going on.

But, in its stead, a quiet and well-practiced ignoring of the obvious and trivial untruths.

So that the conversations flow easier and lead to quicker finishes.

More peaceful, productive and safer time spent together will always trump experiencing the pain of having one’s family torn wide apart. Especially over some lousy lie..which, man, wasn’t even worth creating in the first place.

The opportunity to finally let our loved ones off the hook.

With no more “Why do I have to tell you the (beeping) same thing over and over again?

When it’s been that way for years and will remain that way.

When we can simply accept it, with silence and grace.

Not with attacks than can wound and drag our loved ones into even deeper despair.

Not when we are all helpless as children; most unable to prevent nor stop astonishingly wealthy and protected entities from doing what they allegedly decided to go ahead and do anyway.

To us.

It’s a cruelty which would vanish from our homes, if we were to unfold from our stubborn positions.

The calling of names. The hitting. The huffing. The packing of bags to kick out, unpacking of bags from being kicked out, abandoning one another, automatically assuming cruelty when it could simply be understood as the heartrending fallout from what’s been done to us.

That’s what I mean.

Sometimes, the embracing of  certain “rumors, suggestions and theories” need to be listened to, because they could lead to those types of opportunities.

Opportunities which would/could end up bearing results that could/would eclipse results borne from the darkest of schemes and combined conspiracies.

With a sweet, sweet cherry on top… of minimizing future risks for reoccurrence.

Or some suchness.

If we can “simply” look at one another, look at each and every family around us… to see the exact same woes..and seriously consider “what’s happening to us” as having been “done to us”.

That’s just ONE thing we can start doing.

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