Luke 23:34

It is a gentle and long standing reminder.

For those who feel they’ve gone too far to turn back.

Those who have been kept blind and bound to an ancient notion that mankind itself is a lost cause, a crude mistake and something which needs to be eradicated, twisted and poisoned “into shape’..

..although thousands of years of this very behavior has brought us nothing but closer to our ends and living entire lifetimes of worsening diseases.

And it’s for those who should mind how they say what they need to say, when speaking to those they deem “too stupid” or “slower” than them.

Those who need to mind the nasty eye rolls and harsh tones, forever grinding on about how “hopeless most people are”

..although they too were brought up in the same school systems, injected by the same poisons and subjected to the exact same lies which molded them into the embittered psychic “Manchurian candidates” all too many have been manipulated into being.

Because not ONE of us “knew what was going on” early enough to change things

And because EACH of us arrive at our truths according to the infinite fashions of our individual experiences.

We need to mind this saying, on both sides…especially when four generations of us (as victims) exist on this Earth, at the same time..

If we choose.

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