What It Truly Is All About

You know..

It’s pretty naïve for us (when you truly think about it) to continue believing that the big hullaballoo over “internet privacy” has anything much at all to do with “marketing” greed.

I mean..

Call me lacking in imagination, but I just don’t see it. The Lords of our Universe, dilly dallying and sighing big sighs over some well imagined and fancy dining room table, paying bills…

Ohh dear…” one can imagine one of them sighing

Yes?” another replies

I don’t think we’re going to be able to find the bucks to top off the Eastern region’s supply of hormones. We got the advertisers riding our asses for payment from the last smut campaign..”

The one aimed at the teens?”

No, silly boy, the toddlers.”

Ohhh” (girlish giggle)

Naw. I can no longer buy it.

Especially not when it’s known that Carnegie himself (at one time, THE richest man in the known and unhidden world) invested all he could and failed, towards the end of his life, to get these folks to stop wars altogether.

Those he was supposedly trying to strike bargains with, have obviously held all the toys and gold since the dawning of their human snatching hobby and everlasting murderous tantrums.

A much more solid reason for my not buying it, is due to a section in the book “Behold a Pale Horse”.

In a chapter which presented the entire “prophesy” of things to come, which are now in effect-in relation to our being killed off, how media needed to “rape” us and all other snuggly hate drenched tidbits besides.

I will present it here.

When “Behold..” was published, I was a very young woman and I was no better than the average eye roller and chuckler over the idea of our country’s “leaders” working like Christmas trolls day and night to destroy as many of us as possible.

As a fifty-two year old women, after suffering way too many troubles, brought on by these well-heeled, well organized and flesh encased crustaceans ..I finally came to the puzzle piece which finally fits in snugly.

As to why the networks are fashioned how they are.

As to why their snouts are forever wriggling about and ramming themselves into every available space of our lives as is possible..with the assistance of every single corporation, institution and (sadly enough) every determined “special interest” group convinced their “day is here!!!!”…but will die and fade away with old broken hearts, wondering why nothing happened for them , as was promised.

Like their mentors before them.

And the ones before them as well.


The true “currency” is our behaviors, our habits, what we do and when we do them.

It’s not because “Oh my GAWD!! They’re after me AGAIN to buy this raunchy and expensive doo-dad I just bought two minutes ago!!”

Or “These lazy so-and-sos, using my practically invisible percentage point of a self, to score big points in some back alley marketing quota contest.”

The copies at the end of this post = what the “issue” is about our “privacy” online.

Nothing else and nothing more..for it’s as bad, nasty and underhanded as it gets, on the anyhow.

Not that we’re going to stop it Today.

We’re in the same exact seat as, let’s say..where a young woman gets raped and forced to keep the baby.

With the added “bonus” of her rapist having been her husband.

Our System is the husband that beats her, smacks her and makes her life a living hell BECAUSE she’s not a good mother to the baby he forced her to have..you get the picture.

They gave us no choice. Not for well over a god damned century, did they ever give us a choice.

Not a word. Not a vote.

It was all simply 75 percent lies and the rest, continual brainwashing.

In large part, through those really stupid movies but also some really (and I mean REALLY) great music.

They will never release their hold on “Daddy’s abused little girl”. Because Big Daddies like that never do. On account of them never acting right enough for other people to want to stick around.

Enough of that. ;0)

HEY!…I share this info with you for a much brighter purpose.

So that, when the times come and they’re grinning those shiny fake smiles in our faces again…while handing over another lousy “stimulus check” or “disaster” check..

(which was planned as our slave plantation allowance LONG ago anyway...)

You nor your children need to bat those unknowing eyes and say

OH THANK you Massa…how very generous of you, bein’ so so kind to us!

As a matter of fact, don’t you dare ever thank them for anything, ever again-for all the damage and irreversible hells they spun out on our lives for so long.

Not to mention that sick and perverted habit of cracking jokes and flaunting our forced “retardation” in our faces, as they do.

While they take advantage, as they do.

Which makes the rape hypothesis a little worse..because now, we’re actually better referred to as the “mentally disabled young woman” that they raped.

No biggie. At least theiy’re scoring lifetime dreams and kicks for themselves.

We don’t have to feed their egos anymore, is what I’m saying.

Being better informed and understanding the true motives can save us a lot of hurt..even as they keep their split and cracked hides up on their thrones. Planning one bogus “peace conference” after another dumb assed “scientific study”.

You are worth more than to be taken for fools like this- on a world wide scale, no less.

We all are.

Since they will never ever recognize this…then we need to teach ourselves what we need to learn.

And we need to grow up. FAST.

So we can start to survive in better health and without AS much of their poisons forced into our system, as is possible. So we may help our men regain what’s rightfully theirs- our love, our support and with this information..the understanding and forgiveness for anything we may have blamed them for. So we can salvage whatever biological nightmares they left us with, into better and better working gifts.

There’s a brilliant lot of things we will accomplish, by listening to the truth.

Without us needing to talk to, look at or even bother with those “people” .

The ones who can remain hidden and grooming nits out of each other’s luxurious pelts until the sun explodes…as far as we need to become concerned.

Their earthbound hamster cages will rust out. Eventually.

The fat egos will deflate. Eventually.

For now, you don’t need to cooperate and support the poisons they dress up as “good for you”..if you can help it.

That’s all.

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