A Few Important Reminders

A  few reminders…(especially for the youngest of our citizens)

Reminders that we must separate our lives and our belief systems from the entire sponsorship, force and manipulation of the psychiatric and “health” institution as soon as possible. Since we are now no longer a sovereign nation of free individuals but a usurped slave member state of the United Nations as abused, mocked and disregarded “nothings”.

It should be clear as clarity itself, what wretched promises have been followed through with…since the decades they were announced.

From a document that pre-dates most of our births, spoken by a wretched relic of a human being. For what other than a relic could possibly have used the term “cannon fodder” in a speech that included reference to the duties of modern media?

Today, these promises are being finalized with our current sterilizations, our current (after decades ongoing) enslavement and the ends of our lives.

Whether our pride of ego/reputation , and inability to face cold hard facts, makes us wish not to see these things or not.

There is no “good end” to this, nor are there any “better for the common good” carrots at the end of this stick. At all.

In the following video, Alan Watts explained the origin and danger (evident even then, in the early 70s) of the scientific community taking the place of the church-as human man’s “new” slave owner,

torturer and abuser.

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