Another Thing We Can Stop Doing

I’m fifty-two years old and I still remember them.

The moments my mother would drunkenly and angrily complain, to whomever we were visiting at the time, of my “special” troubles.

I remember those times from when I was five years old, nine and so on..

My bed wetting troubles. My near violent rocking episodes. My tantrums and “odd” play habits.

All of it, was constantly put out on the table for everyone to hear about.

Laid out on the table for strangers I never knew or would never see again. For relatives I had desperately wanted to keep loving me but was afraid that they would be convinced into hating me too. I was terrified that they too would start looking at me like the “animal” my mother referred to me as-specifically as a pig.

I remember it boring an ever-deepening numbness through the center of my heart. Each time.

And I would be forced to keep carrying it, when the insults started getting to me in school as well.

Being spoken about as if you weren’t there. As if you were a misbehaving animal instead of a young human being with a young human heart.

Media has done enough of this sort of damage to our children-massive abusive conditioning done in the name of “population management”.

Decades of it.

Wouldn’t it be a blessing, if we could offer some mercy for our children, by finally stopping the spreading of our “special children’s” problems to everyone who has ears?

Children who understand that they “make” their mommies cry, many who will continue to carry that “guilt” into their adulthood.

Children who will grow up struggling to outgrow the things that they are VERY well aware of and wish to change for themselves. But instead, will be forever plagued by pre-conceived ideas, fashioned by people who will never meet them, will never bother getting to know them.

Children who will always be thought of in the worst possible lights-whether they knock themselves out to successfully work on changing things or not. Adults destined to be trapped and judged, by labels put on them as children.

Children who are now growing up being told “what a burden” their “conditions” are and much they need to be “fixed”.

It’s going to be a rude enough world, without us making things worse-by continuing this blind dependence on and trust in a system that doles out the negativity as it does.

It’s going to be a struggle enough, for them to find happiness and safety, without us surrendering them into the “care” of a system that couldn’t care any less about children in general. Period.

We need to stop laying our children’s personal business out there for the world to ogle, digest and spew back out. For no good reasons, what-so-ever.

We need to start remembering that they have a spirit, a brain and a right to be free from prejudicing poisons.

Or, we need to be honest about how deep this pathological need for selfish sympathetic attentions actually runs.

There are many things that we’ll be able to change, for actual “betters” and true “bests”.

Preserving dignity or creating opportunity for it (for a young child and the adult he should be allowed to become) by keeping our lips a bit more zipped shouldn’t be difficult at all.

Especially when one understands that this “sneaky” poisoning will continue uninterrupted, unadmitted and sponsored by each and every institution..until not a single one of us is left to exist as a sane or healthy human being.

I’ll include the production credits later. In the meantime, a random selection of American media, that spans however many years one wants to focus on, should offer up easily found examples. It’s in such abundance, future generations will wonder (in a mixture of collective awe and pity) how in the world an entire society of so-called “professional experts” could have allowed it to go on “without seeing it”.

Worse still, they will be wondering how this society of “leaders” could have been this inhumane as to sponsor, nurture and encourage it. Although the answers to that should become available to them as well. After they investigate the brains of our devastated corpses.. drowned within the pools of hormones and mercury, which “experts” refuse to address as well.

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