Big Words from Small People

The more I read over text from Massa’s old “United Nations” conferences, on what to do with the “population problem”, the more my tummy tightens with embarrassment. For them, mind you, not us.

More than half of us were children if we were even born yet.

One can wrap a blindfold over one’s eyes, take a dart and toss it at any section of these bloated back stroking sessions and hit on embarrassingly dramatic windbaggery, bullseye style.

I chose a section where they went on about Media’s role in the matters of how the public would be made to learn and appreciate the importance of blab bla blab la…female rights….bla bla…population education…blahhhhh.

You can read it for yourself.

Umpty years later, we know exactly what sort of “responsible and educational” material they threw on us, don’t we? It’s a tiddle bit different than what was intended. And I’m pretty sure we weren’t “informed” of the “non-coercive” actions meant for our population the dreamers and schemers insisted we be .

Let’s see…in the 80’s they created and popularized the music groups with effeminate or gay “sex idols” for us pre-adolescent girls. The “gay” message was rolling full steam. Heading into the 90’s, nothing good, or kind or without “secret” insult was ever shown in movies or shows about straight men, families, marriages or children. It’s not what was proposed, or what the actual human beings at that meeting expected, I’m sure. But heaven knows, Media did a bang-up job for the Population Program regardless; tearing lovers further apart from one another, villainizing the male and whispering rotten “nothings” into the ears of young girls who grew up believing that promiscuity and being seen as an “independent women, not needing a man” would guarantee them respect from the modern man and lives to be proud of. Instead of the rot gut mass manipulation that it actually was.

Ya, I didn’t see that in those texts, did you?

Every song ( mostly sung by non-minority women) either made mention of how hard relationships were, how little men gave, how tied down she felt, what cheaters men were, how breaking up was such a sorrowful thing, how single life was the best, etc.

Every song (mostly sung by minority women) either gave the “come and get me” message, the “I know you’re cheating but I’ll put up with it” or “you treat me so bad, I wanna hop in the sack with you” on and so forth with the “Jezebel” garbage.

On the guys end, they were being told that all we wanted was money…

(as this lame noodle of “media witchcraft” can attest to,

…that they were usually wrong in most things, that they would be alone and whatever other pathetic messages my brothers were forced to absorb to the cores of their esteems.

Never mind the constant “nerd” references, everywhere you looked. Making a mockery of the shy and smart male. The type of 24/7 bullshit that had America rocking in laughter and delivering new insults to children like myself (despite being a girl) left at the mercy of heinous little beasts in school. The type of raw and gut gnawing suffocation of one’s dignity that only Media could have provided for “young children in need”.

Just…so we wouldn’t mate with each other again. we could be turned into biologically neutered and sterilized androgynes…”without knowing anything”.

Just…so we ended up not wanting babies, laughing at the idea of forming families for ourselves or simply not having babies, period.

All that filth, that conditioning and messaging that generations of us got hit with, often and hard, straight to the kisser..

The lying about “who girls are”, “what men are” and with both sides being told how worthless they are.

With the PSAs rocking out the additional damages by steeply increasing the drug use, the violence and other suggestive mishaps…under the disguise of “helpful ads” to prevent those very things from happening.

ALL of it..was successfully carried out. ALL of it worked smooth as silk for the population reduction that no one wishes to address.

But, I’ll be darned….according to their own words, from the early 90’s, when the “gods” assembled on Mount Olympus (in Cairo)…I don’t see a single mention of those tactics in all.

Somebody ought to tell the original lords and ladies (of this oh so sweet and proper UN proposal for “the better good”) that something went a “little” awry.

And still is.

(Well…lol..if any of them actually cared and didn’t know that it was just Massa’s fancy and respectable way of asking permission to murder off the majority of Earth’s population without creating too much of a fuss from us “lowly beasts”)

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