Exactly What “Pain” Did They Mean?

I’d pay anything, if I had the means, to have any one those “leaders” who agreed to the horrendous scheme known as the United Nations Population Program, explain to me exactly what the hell they meant by the “pain” that they were supposedly going to have to “suffer”, in order to get “things straight” in this sick and molested world which they sought to cop their glories from.

Not the masterminds. Not the cads and crows who knew exactly what they were going to do to us. That would be as useless as demanding answers from an alley mutt gnawing on its own mangled rump. It’s what they are obligated to do and are proud to express their enjoyment over.  

So, it’s shrugs all around on that particular and unfortunate scene.

I mean the “do-gooders”.

The ones who probably nearly wet themselves at securing those all-mighty high seats of importance, by the sides of their “Gods at the United Nations”.

The ones who had zero guts and even less brains to figure out (even after decades went by and things were deteriorating even further in their nations) that they were sacrificing billions of human lives…for Nothing.

Those arrogant backstabbers and penny -a -pound fools. Many who are so old and doddering at this moment, that I should feel a bit guilty for expressing the anger that I do. Yet, I do not.

Pain like what?

Watching each and every one of their (and from most other families) grown children suffer from inability to concentrate and stay at one job to ensure their own security and future happiness?

Living in fear, over years, from a permanently crazed family member ,or two, threatening or attempting to murder them or rob them blind..repeatedly?

Living through decades without companionship, warmth or understanding from an opposite sex lover, blood relative or logical and sane friend?

Being beaten and verbally abused in harsh sarcasms from a crazed husband or needing to get stitches in their faces from crazed and out of control wives who dig their claws into those faces for “hearing” things that were never said or for “seeing” things that don’t exist otherwise?

Is that the pain these creatures meant?

Or the pain from rocking a weeping grown son to sleep because he simply can not stand yet another year of failure, spiking mood swings and plagued by not being able to “do the right thing” at work, at play or…any God blessed where?

Or the mortification of comforting a young child with the traits associated with cerebral palsy, as to why he has to see dozens of examples where “his kind” is depicted as grotesque monsters to shoot and kill in big hot shot video gaming corporate productions..without anyone doing anything about it? Although their so-called “terms of service” wax on ridiculously long re: “respect and tolerance of others” Like way too many snide and openly sarcastic hypocrisies these corporations are all too happy to vomit into our faces in other fields.

Being rejected and humiliated by an entire world of “intelligent” people who open their mouths in awe over your “real good speaking abilities’ or worse yet, letting you know that there’s no need to “pretend at being smart”…because an entire psychiatric association has been allowed to define all black people in the very lowest standards on account of some “natural course of being left behind”. While somberly batting those eyes and pleading with a world to coddle and allow us to push ahead in line..when it is the most ugly and illegal practice of “reverse” discrimination that exists?

Is THAT the pain?

Because there are DOZENS of examples, which I (as “dumb” or “disabled” as one wishes to slander me as) can spell out, that have resulted DIRECTLY from the actions and laws passed from the sole purpose of lowering a world population and doing all they could to stop our breeding. (With not a single sign in sight of the “improved” or “better living in a generation” assurances which were given..four generations ago.)

There are obvious examples where, besides the “legitimate” actions to regulate us, they have gone out of their ways to humiliate us. To condition our children into embracing being seen as cheap whores, mental defectives and growling self-deprecating criminal types. To make whatever is hurting sting even deeper as another “inside joke” is blasted across a popular TV show or another disgusting verse is chanted across the nation in its children’s music.

The pain of watching your nine year old boy collapse under the weight of a future that was ripped out of his arms by being put on a sex offender list as if he was a rapist..

The pain of having the only human beings who ever showed you love in your life (your children) be turned against you, encouraged by fictional characters yelling at their parents to “fuck off, bitch!!” with the blessing and mediocre acting provided by celebrities who look at the public at large like dirt scraped from the bottom of their Louboutins , with their grotesque and duck billed faces..still lecturing us on how we are supposedly to blame for “not saving a dying planet”..

When not a single one of us can afford those machines that knock the Earth’s resources out of her guts each day and not a single one of us have any say in whether the nuclear plants keep poisoning our air or not.

And when this entire and shameful “sustainable movement” was NOTHING but the resifting of the words spoken and meant for the depopulation and “sustainable” maintenance of HUMAN BEINGS, our sex lives and all things to do with our breeding.

With our people swelling up in front of our eyes from the hormones we are forced to consume..to change our genders. Along with other obvious insults like the increased diabetes, arthritis, vanished libido and much more.

With the metals now being forced into our veins and neurological pathways, for decades on end-which resulted in nearly all of our politicians being unable to do…much at all except follow orders and act the dramatic fools; over immigration decisions agreed upon sixty years ago and “debating” healthcare and welfare laws already set in cement earlier still.

Ah yes, and insult us, they do a fine job of that. And take our rights away. And let not one sun rise or set without them reminding us on how much of a “loser” community we are, through their news broadcasts, their insulting TLC programs to mock our disabled and their murder channels to dump gallons of fuel upon an already dangerous and bursting environment of violence.

Are those the pains? Or are the pains they spoke of more along the lines of pains one may suffer from laughing so hard that the sides ache for hours?

Maybe a few have experienced the heartbreak of sterility, nightmarish health spread throughout their entire family or the ending of their biological lines..

Maybe a few have lost a loved one to cancer, AIDS or any other disease which won’t be cured-their contribution to our depopulation being so priceless and “coincidental” and all.

Who knows? I surely don’t.

I’m just a speck of dirt meant to be ignored and swept away into the trash heap like the rest of my siblings. So, they won’t be carving out any time in their daybooks to address the mooing of my trivial concerns, terrors or anything else for that matter.

But maybe, a human being of nominal worth will be able to tickle an answer out of them. One day.

On what the hell they meant and what the hell they’ve been thinking as this “COVID” garbage keeps flowing into and onto our lives.

Maybe, if we’re good dull eyed boys and girls, they can even let us know when these “gifts and promises for the unborn generations” are supposed to kick in.

Maybe in fifty years, when they’re safely tucked away in their mausoleums, with those tight grins cemented into place for eternity, when their latest generation of blank faced proteges offer yet another half assed “apology” for yet another “biological-ethical-social” crime that was allowed to happen.

Who knows.

It’s just that it was a repeated sentiment that was bellowed and cooed by so many of these glory hounds over the decades and done so many times..

(Considering that zero good ever came of it and that me and mine are basically waiting out our death sentences, while serving “in house” prison terms..)

..that I don’t have much else to look forward to but wonder what these cowards actually meant by the term “pain” they kept flinging around.

(Oh, and another “unexplained” explosion in the air outside of my home, app. 3-36 hours of posting this diary entry. As usual, I can look forward to that snide horse shit-despite there being barely more than three pairs of eyeballs that scan my entries on a daily or weekly average.)

That’s all.

Let me know if a human being, worth a bean or two, coughs up an answer..for any of us across this planet.  

In the meantime, I’ll be mourning the loss of yet another adult child who’s been permanently prevented from living the rest of what could have been her life…through no fault of her own.

Just like tens of millions of other poor saps without a choice in this unholy and fricking ridiculous mess.

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