Less Reaction

I bring up the following reminder for a good reason.

Not to be glum or to raise any alarms.

I will post it because you have better things to do than be affected by what our “authorities” say regarding their concern over our health and the dangers associated with it.

There should be no cause for elevated hopes, depending on and waiting for “something finally being done” about whatever.

And there should be no additional complaints wasted over how “they’re lying”.

It’s been that way. It will remain that way.

We need to deal with it better than we do.

As much physical damages may have affected us, our psychological anxieties, arguments and extra stress is what is layering their little beep cake even thicker..and to many of them, it’s supplying additional laughs on top of it all.

Our reactions.

The sooner we learn to tame our expectations and/or reactions, to whatever they have to say, the better off we will start being.

This following book excerpt is from the year I was renting space in my biological mother’s womb. 1968-69

(the book being “The Population Bomb”)

With all of my lame attempts at humor aside…it’s from the time before I, a 52 year old woman, was born.

It’s just one documented testimony on one “health concern” that anyone who was considered a “real and important human being” at that time very well knew about and very well could have done a little something about it before Today.

That’s all.

It’s been done so much (the playacting and taking us for fools in our faces) for so long, despite real damages, it’s downright a severe bore to even look at. Seriously.

And hopefully, it’ll become a bore to the younger generations who need to focus on more important tasks. Like doing for themselves, thinking for themselves and ignoring those who keep trying to snatch those abilities away from them. Worse still, while cracking jokes, as if it was Friday Nights at The Improv all the blessed time.

Besides, the drops in stress levels associated with anxiety, fearfulness, disappointments, etc. are tremendous blessings..when one no longer concerns oneself with concentrating on things that never change.

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