Domino Effect

It’s funny how the “domino effect” goes down some days.

How one thing can lead to another.

How one can be reminded of important things.

I read about this entrepreneur

Patagonia No Longer Adding Corporate Logos to Its Clothing (

Which led to another article that contained disturbing news concerning our siblings in a part of the world where Massa has never treated them very well.

Which led to a 1976 document.

Link to entire script

All of these articles reminded me of a few things.

About how I hope that this young entrepreneur isn’t terrorized or harassed by any corporations for what should be his decision-a decision that has legitimate cause if they actually wish to continue waving that “Save Planet Earth” sustainability flag.

 About how corps are running hot and heavy with this “New World” usurpation thing lately and have clearly lost any and all considerations for us as a global population of human beings..

I hope he’s being looked after and kept safe.

The final article reminded me to keep my faith in the future.

To concentrate on a brighter outcome.

When all of the countries who have been hurt, raped, stolen from, ethnically destroyed and maligned by Massa..are back in control of their own lands, their own futures and are finally free to heal again as thriving human beings instead of as slaves. Without committees of people involved who should never have been involved in the first places. Those who keep declaring each generation’s “march into the future” when they so blatantly hold an entire world of peoples hostage under ONE ongoing and ancient rule.

When the Church and its “honored families” are no longer allowed to run roughshod over this world with the support of human beings who bear more loyalty for ancient and imaginary superstitions and the “right” to increase the amount of their toys through “any means necessary”. .than for the beat of a baby’s heart or the improved health of billions of people-with the gall to mislead hundreds of millions of people by promising to respect both ..without improving a single iota of anything.

Yes, it is funny, that “domino effect”.

Especially when it can result in thoughts of a truly better future than the articles may suggest we’ve been allowed to have.

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