Do NOT Trust Them with Your ASD Child’s “Sexuality”

I am much too outraged to go into the amount of detail I could, about the following link.

Study protocol: a randomized controlled trial investigating the effects of a psychosexual training program for adolescents with autism spectrum disorder | BMC Psychiatry | Full Text (

Not because I’m “familiar” with ASDs through textbooks and whatever jive commands and “facts” that the CDC feeds into me as one of their unquestioning workers.

And not because I soaked up whatever dark, violent, odd and psychotic variables that they are now pumping throughout Media about MY people.

As if we are monsters and damned to remain stuck in that singular and damning insult, without much variation to us at all. As if we somehow managed to “zone out” and not feel the loneliness, the misery and the wretched and non-stop cooing from a society that feels it’s some sort of “high standard” which we crave to “belong to” or dream to be “tolerated” within. As if we can not and will not have any inspiration or motivation to improve things for ourselves and simply slip into some dark and grimy vacuum of “inhumane” existence.

I am outraged because I have a right to be.

Because I grew up as a little girl who was looked at with fear and pity. Taken advantage of. Abused continually.

For things like my attacking people for no reasons or because it was near impossible to get me to speak in more than a whisper to strangers.

For movements and habits that most  children (at that time) didn’t suffer from nor seemed to be engaged in. For intense and inappropriate thoughts I could not control and heaven knows, no one ever knew where I “picked them up from”.

It’s why the blood boils each time I find evidence that my “unusual” habits..were expected and logged as being a common occurrence amongst MY “kind”.

For you see, for a majority section of any population that shares the same “unusual sexual” issues (as young children, mind you)…does not exactly jive that well as having occurred “naturally” though the coincidental “working of Nature”.

inappropriately, stalking, public masturbation, sexual victimization and sexual coercion [813]. Parents of adolescents with ASD frequently express concerns about the sexual behavior of their children, both about the possibility of sexual exploitation as well as concerns about the possibility their child will show inappropriate sexual behavior [1415].

I still remember being “inspected” by my parents before their bedtimes and I can now admit that I can now clearly see why children,  such as I was, are more susceptible to sexual assaults. As these raw and hypocritical vultures love to announce, in their various campaigns to “protect the ASD child”.

I also remember the sexual “trades” that occurred once in a while in my group homes. Between adult staff members and children. It wasn’t on an epidemic basis, but it was common enough for most of us to remain quiet. Once, it made the news, how one male staff member was caught molesting a friend of mine. Another time, I remember being part of a look-out, to help cover an adult staff member receiving “services” from a room-mate of mine. It was for weed, smokes or whatever else.

My point? As long as there are storehouses of broken and “thrown away” children, run by “people” who have a zero reputation of protecting anyone, there will always be predators who make a beeline for the easiest and most organized of pickings. Period. Just as this overblown celebrity’s “sitting duck of abuse” helped illustrate. Oprah Scandal Rocks South Africa – TIME

I could go on about how it feels to carry the burden of the damages received from having your sexual esteem warped at very early age.

I could also continue explaining how it feels to be trapped. Thinking horrific fantasies and developing in directions a young child cannot possibly understand. Yet, having no choice but to find some way to incorporate, disguise and push aside such avoid being tagged as an even more “repugnant” or “outcast” human  being in “normal” people’s eyes..over the course of five long decades.

And failing..every sad and infuriating once-in-a-while.

One day, I will get the energy to go deeper into detail. ONLY if it will serve a positive and productive purpose.

 For now, I’m too exhausted from the rage and the tears which I have shed since finding the following pile of bold and “disguised” goat shit which the United Nations has slipped into our lives, in order to “address” and “protect” the interests of MY children..regarding their sex lives. A place where they do not belong. At all.  

Study protocol: a randomized controlled trial investigating the effects of a psychosexual training program for adolescents with autism spectrum disorder | BMC Psychiatry | Full Text (

One thing I have to say to a parent of a diagnosed “ASD” child, who has landed in the “no win” dead end of only having the UN as the “expert help” available.

Don’t you DARE risk allowing these “people” anywhere near your child, if they sidewind up to you with those “warm” doe eyes of “professional” concern and “urgency” to insist that they are the best place to “treat and fix’ the awkward situations concerning the sexual behaviors of your child.


I’m not saying that the majority of CDC workers and social workers are wrong.

I am saying that they are assisting the most evil institution on this Earth without knowing it.

Casual studies of what their priests and soldiers have gotten away with, over the decades..should be all one needs to understand that any centers they may polish up and erect to “help” children with “sexuality”….are the very last centers one would ever risk abandoning their children into the “care of”.

UN Peacekeeping has a Sexual Abuse Problem | Human Rights Watch (

Priest files reveal disturbing stories of child molestation, coverup | L.A. NOW | Los Angeles Times (

I offer no apologies. Because this is as serious as it gets as far as losing another entire generation of innocent human the tune of increased suicides, addictions, confusion and plain nightmares. When they grow into the type of adults who can look back on their childhood and fully understand what actually went down.

And that no one, but no one, was able to nor willing to protect them, from an intimidating authority that hasn’t had any challenges to its corruptions for over two thousand years.

Yet, the UN is allowed free reign to destroy and punish our males for the slightest expressions of any sexual nature.

While waving this tattered and long waved banner of “stopping sex slave trades”…”stopping child molestations” and “protecting women”…and slapping masks over our faces to eradicate the most important part of human attraction and biological evaluation.

Read this. Copy it. Save it.

Study protocol: a randomized controlled trial investigating the effects of a psychosexual training program for adolescents with autism spectrum disorder | BMC Psychiatry | Full Text (

For this is wrong as wrong can be. No matter how many big words they use and whatever stupid and ridiculous lengths they take to “run circles” around us as a bunch of goons with severely plummeting IQ rates…which they apparently are taking full and nasty advantage of.

One camp of loyalists (who believe they are “only” assisting in drastic measures to help with the “worthy” cause of decreasing our population, by helping to redefine sex as a “fun hobby) may overlook (or be unable to process the “logic” of) the fact that the UN has done NOTHING to improve ANY of the troubles they used as excuses to bring this nightmare into our lives. In over seventy years of their sole control.

Another camp may be very well aware that something very harsh and irreversible was done to us, (via the experimentation on our DNA..which more than likely resulted in the severe increases in psycho sexual crimes and murders) but may also feel that “all means necessary” are justified as long as the gender changes resulted in the sharp decrease of babies being born. Either way, both camps will remain silent and keep their blind eyes averted.

No matter what living and ongoing Hells I and untold others…have actually been forced to suffer.


Spit in their face and tell them to mind their own business and get the hell out of yours. As they bully and believe..”by all means necessary”..keep them away.

Remember your child is allowed to maintain whatever dignity he or she can create for him or her self.

Remember that your child has a right to happiness in all of its forms-not just as promiscuous and “devil may care” sex partners to innumerable people who will toss them and regard them as “unworthy” of true affection and basic respect.

Remember to let them know that it is NO one’s damned business about how they masturbate, what they think about and anything to do with their private bodies and habits. You teach them that only pedophiles and perverts seek to get their jollies from that information. No matter in what ways or on what subjects your child may actually be drawn in. It will be difficult enough (if the child was affected as I was) living with those ‘burdens’, without a group of strangers pretending to help but secretly (or unknowingly) setting up your child’s future into unacceptable conditions. You can do this. As a family. TRUST that.

And for the love of Everything…remember that the UN is the WRONG wolf to trust, in whatever clothing that bastard is proud to be seen in. would have to be absolutely out of their head to trust “experts” who have been declaring what a “useless waste” sex is (and that our having sex with each other should be REGULATED) …as being the best place to “encourage and train” young human beings to “enjoy healthier sex lives”, as they claim is one of their goals in erecting these horrid and perverted places.

It would be like a dentist promising to help folks by encouraging them to eat a pound of sugar each day. Like everything from the UN..illogical and lunatic.

The reason why we now have the insane and insulting incorporation of a “pet parents” culture.

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