Creating a One Stop Page. Controlling Personal Opinions Must Stop.

I am making this post for two reasons.

It will serve as the “go to” page for those who feel the need to challenge, belittle or question me. When I “dare” have nothing good to say about the unjust and rude UN system we have been forced to survive under, for all of our lives. Or when I do not agree with any “special interest” dogma.

The second purpose, to share important words from Alan Watts, on the importance of freeing human beings from being punished by other human beings for their thoughts, feelings and opinions towards others.

One would have to be pretty hard up on the “being accepted” level, if one were to perform any sort of “ass-kissery”, in the very same field that has provided him or her with as much rejection and pain as it has.

Not because the members of that field were of a particular mean character or meant to cause harm, but because the entire UN system has fashioned the images of people in certain ways, to all, in those directions.

It would be silly for anyone to wish to gain favor with those who can tend to accuse him or her of “pretending to be smart”-a disheartening and wearisome insult when one is simply trying to “get along” as they are.

Or those who chuckle at them. Scoff. Test. Suspect.

All of those reactions, involved dozens of unrelated people in my own life.

Reactions which have been lifelong in place and common. It’s an ugly reality because the UN and Media have colored each and every corner of my personal life and world in the ways that they wished, with no regard for varied other truths. In order to gain mass societal reaction and/or compliance with one whim or another wish. Or for the simple task of diminishing my value to be regarded as anything other than an animal.

As a bi-racial woman. A bi-sexual. Autistic. Obese. On and on.

I’m not ignorant enough to insist on others treating me with any “special” regards and would be disgusted in myself if I ever entertained the notion that all former abuses lobbed against my kind were in any dimensions now “okay” to let fly against other human beings. However, due to the heavily washed in nonsense, I’m damned if I voice my actual opinions and still damned because (by looks alone) I am treated as if I subscribe to repulsive notions, regardless. Not only living an entire life with my words taken from me but with foul ones forcefully stuffed in place.

I’m not an “ass kisser” as much as I am still not mentally gone enough to ignore that our people are being done wrong on more levels than for “necessary” business.

And if I was indeed kissing the ass of any American born man being hounded, pushed aside, damaged, disrespected, slandered and vilified in this country, than it is the very LEAST that I owe light of the betrayals we’ve allowed against him.

There has been no rest from the UN’s influences. For millions of us, in groups or as individuals.

Now that there seemingly exists this “new and better world” specifically set up for “special interest” groups”..I find myself even further isolated and more frequently insulted.

Because not a single thing about it is Right.

My discomfort is intensified by the encouraged interferences of non-related people , whom the UN and Media have taught to be verbally abusive and disrespectful to me/us for the assumptions they hold, about what they were told that I’m/we’re “supposed” to think. Or somewhere along that whacky bend.

Assumptions, based on my skin color- that I am a subscriber to this massive onslaught of discrimination and slander being committed against the white American Male in general.

Assumptions, based on my gender- that I approve of this nightmare flooding of cruel and unusual punishments and open public abuses against the male.

Assumptions that I lost my head. Or have no class. Or only come fully loaded with pre-set ideologies that can only be spawned from the deepest depths of hatred, ignorance and intolerance.

It means that I have actually never had a break from receiving vast amounts of prejudiced negativity from either side, of any side, which I came out of this Earth as a born “member” of.

With more years left of much more to come, as the UN’s continued and accelerated social harassments and open hypocrisies keep coursing throughout the Media and our justice system. Now dogging and plaguing my children.

One tiny example:

As if dealing with the increases of diseases, and disabilities like CP (at times brought on by their command) isn’t Hell enough for many of us….

Yet, we are also still obliged to endure being insulted and openly mocked (on the “sly”) in multiple areas of Media re those disabilities? Just to hurt feelings? Just for what? the scoring of additional thrills and kicks..while breaking generations of and tens of millions of us into pieces for “thinking wrong”?

If the enslavement cannot come to an end, then there should be no reason why we can not work for an elimination of those hypocrisies’ and humiliations’ effects upon our lives.

Link to this essay

Legal Hypocrisy – Yankah – 2019 – Ratio Juris – Wiley Online Library

Somehow and somewhere down the road, I find it impossible to believe that a discomfort won’t eventually be expressed by those “who really matter” re the obviousness of the visibly increased wrong-doings..which usually and eventually lead to catastrophic endings…not glory filled tributes.

Somehow, someway, there is going to have to be an across-the-board admission and coming to of a final conclusion that it is wrong for those who steal to keep beating those of us who take things, that it is wrong for those who broadcast filthy pornographic material to punish those of us who choose to have sex and that it is wrong for those who obey no laws, to be allowed to murder us because we tried to free ourselves from the pain they made sure we can’t avoid.

That it is wrong for those who call us “fucking morons” on air (for protecting our babies) have any single thing or opinion to say, which needs obeying, on what any human being has to voice about another human being.

Alan was one of those “who really mattered”. His specific teaching on the achieving of desired results by releasing control, could be of immense value in that direction.

We need to get to the point where we eliminate and no longer tolerate other human beings from hurting, demanding and forcing others how to “think about others”…in ANY ways.

There is no logical reason for this behavior to continue.

 It has resulted in nothing but increased ruination, has spread across this Earth as an unchecked cancer and has created newer and greater numbers of “unanswerable questions re control of Mankind” than it has ever provided any solutions to any old ones. It always has, as is the case now, only resulted in the very worst “masters” who always take great pride and thrill in the very flaunting of their actions.

Not when we can finally succeed in living safer, healthier and richer lives by putting this primitive “human ownership” compulsion into its final resting place.`

Whether it takes another two hundred or ten years, is the only question.

It’s going to take a hard core prioritizing, in the direction of releasing human beings from the obligation of pretending their lives as sickened slaves ..and releasing them into the hands of their own custody.

Hands that can do a much better job at making sure of their happiness, their safety and their health..than the hands which work against them with so much hatred and disdain that it’s impossible, even to the “most ignorant”, to miss it.  

Especially for those of us, who have lived under the pressure of not having any say in anything much at all.

Those of us who gain very little opportunity to be heard and respected, with barely more than a few guffaws and dismissive waves of any variety of peoples’ hands.

The type of people and personality types who will only keep increasing in numbers over the years.

A fact which will be anything but “welcomed” to those left to oversee a future, which will be completely ruined, far beyond their powers to correct…or understand.

Feelings like insult, misery, hatred, vengeance, hopelessness and desperation don’t require any certain IQ levels or depend on any “learned input data”…they are diseases of the human spirit that work towards no one’s benefit, real or imaginary.

These feelings can’t be wiped out, can’t be dulled and will never be the right of mere mortals to “own” or to think they have the “obligation” to destroy. No matter how far they drag us, force their hands and leave no minutes free from abuse and neglect..we will still and always be Human.

Not exactly what anyone should envision as a desired environment, for any “harmonious” or “enlightened” anything, let alone an entire world.

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