Old Celebrity Seniors for Whatever Cause

When I complain about the amount of taunting and provoking that the System sponsors, it’s not always done from a  “Oh- Dear- Lord -would -someone -please -come -to- the- rescue- of- our -dear -hurt feelings” sort of way.

Surprisingly, it can be related to the appearances of those who perform the dramatics necessary in these provocations. Especially the elderly ones. The dramatic ones.

How I wish they would stop if not just for the sake of the image they’re sacrificing.

One example.

I was studying material that involved mentions of alleged child sex rings, snuff films and such, when I ran across the photo of an elderly man (a field specific celebrity)  flipping his middle finger up at the camera, with the bold and emblazoned message of “FUCK JESUS!” hanging somewhere around the area of the photo that held the image of his stretched wide open yaw.

First thought

“DUDE! Do you NOT see what the heck you LOOK like?”

Second thought was more fleshed out.

“Man, I can appreciate doing all you can “for the cause” and all, but come on, man.

You look like you’re hanging in there around early to mid 70s and it looks like you’re engaging in some crazy kind of ranting that could ship you into the hospital on the wings of a needless coronary attack.

It is NOT that serious, man.

I for one didn’t teach my children that “Jesus” was a human shaped balloon who lifted up into the air after he supposedly died. But a little respect, man, for the folks who do? That’s too much to ask? We get it, it’s a religious thing, a “sacred” kind of hate thing for you and onward.

I mean, do you absolutely, positively NEED to be so nasty that your own image is warped in an everlasting way? Especially being as old as you are?

When the entire world’s youth are being spelled upon and charmed by the “sexiness” of dark things anyway, it makes no sense in this world to try utilizing old and broken things as sexy and vibrant, even for the unhealthiest of outcomes.  

Ya, ya, we’re fools because we have followed the bad advices and soaked up the popular culture that Media put forth. Shame on us, I know. For being dumb enough to not secure a family to show us better..bla bla..we got the society we “deserve”, Scooby and Doo..

But there’s got to be a limit, right? In how far one should go as far as not caring what their own grand children will be saying about scenes like that?

It reminds me of when this mega music mogul senior announced to the international media that he was a bi-sexual.

As IF…

that man doesn’t owe each and every one of us an apology, depending on whether we were eating dinner or breakfast, who had to struggle to continue eating.

After the imagery of his sex life slammed itself into our poor minds’ rooms like a very much unwanted front end of a locomotive.


No one wants to see that, man, is what I guess I’m trying to suggest.

If hate drenched and manipulative messaging needs to be done, well then there’s a dire need for a serious reconsidering about letting human beings that old  “help” in that capacity.

In the “cool” factor. Or in the “hey-that’s-a-sweet-kind-of-vision-I-just-saw-and-don’t-think-I -would- mind- getting -brainwashed- by -that “ category.

The angry and old folks need to stay away if hysterical hate, wild eyed nonsense and hard to look at aging signs of dementia are the only things they ended up left to offer.

None of it looks sexy or even admirable..it looks embarrassing.

From both ends.

On whatever side of whatever cause, it’s the promise of sweet and plump delights, not withered and soaked in vinegar ones, that pique the interest and hold the attentions. In the most unfortunate cases, convince the “good” to go “bad”.

Snow White dropped from biting into a juicy apple, not from trying to gnaw through an angry and foul bitch of a raisin. -Ramsy.

I can admit that things could have changed that drastically and I could have completely missed it, but..

I just don’t see a bunch of malleable young potentials (eager for action, eager to be admired) gazing out on a group of embittered and physically disappointing “leaders” and praying to the Lord above to make them into exact copies of them. To bring them the rage and the amount of hate that twisted their features “just so”..and plenty of it, Lord. Amen.

Still trying to cop that anti-establishmentarian hepness that they pimped out thirty or forty years ago-targeting on the same exact age groups. With same hairstyles, jackets and rings as when they were younger men. Having morphed into the 2020s version of Leisure suit Larry.

No. Considering how astonishingly intelligent many of them are, one would think that they deserved a more respectful presentation than that. Yelling like children. Openly insulting strangers like children. Looking like …whatever they feel they “look like”.

I guess I’m also trying to suggest that they didn’t need to “go down” for “the cause” in those immature and public ways. Sacrificing their pride and reputation into the hands of a future that could have remembered them for better things.

That’s all.

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