Potential Advice for Our Unborn Charge

There are a few things that our younger generations are going to need to look out for.

Concerning a few “trouble” spots which are familiar to many of us walking the Earth currently. New folks will be born in the future who won’t “naturally” understand “what’s what” per the dominion of Massa’s keep. Not that many of us, as “Boomers”, “X-ers” or “Millennials” , have had that much luck (or mercy) re: understanding for ourselves

First of all, they’re (Massa/Media) currently going all out to apply that “beast nature” sloppiness to us in fullest force, everywhere we look and stand. “Helping” us to be comfortable riding on our lowest standards and to feel no shame by making the deterioration seem accepted everywhere.

To be homely, slovenly, messy, disorganized or whatever other negative tendencies there are. For too many reasons to list, it would behoove us to help the upcoming children avoid getting trapped into such types of restrictions, by supplying advice concerning things which we have already experienced-as it was expected for responsible and/or caring elders to do once-upon-a-time.

I actually whistled out loud the other day, when I saw a latest example of this conditioning. It was an online ad where a middle aged internationally known beauty (eh) was hawking a consumable.

She looked like death warmed over. Darkened under the eyes, lazy smirk.

Wearing clothes that resembled flowing and torn rags.

With her sloppy ponytail looking like it was either caught up in the blades of her egg beater or she’d just woken up from an overnight camping sleepover..after falling asleep on top of a live egg beater.

She was a mess. There’s sexy and playful “out of bed” messy and then there’s “aww, poor thing’s homeless” messy. She was tilted towards the latter. A lot.

To be fair, they’re all doing it.

Looking their worst and pulling it off like some free and easy hepness. It’s everywhere. Our current and disappointing states having been “coming down the pike” in earnest for at least forty years, slowly but very surely.

It could be a blessing for their self esteem in many ways, to at least inform the young that they are entitled to present themselves in more “squared away” and pulled together ways.

I don’t know if it’s going to get as bad as when citizens were attacked or imprisoned because they DARED to wear the same style of clothing as the ruling nobility. It’s been looking more like a massive monarchy has finally and fully reared its cracked melon above water to rule us, but you never know.

It would be great if we can help them avoid letting their self-esteem get tied up in the ugliest, the darkest or the nastiest elements. As a matter of fact, it would be best if we helped them avoid getting their self-esteem tied up in anything outside of their own body and spirit, frankly.

Another thing to help them look out for, would be the insulting “alarms!” and “scandals!” that will probably still be rolling through Media, until the day we all drop from the exhausting tediousness of it all.

I’m presenting an old “scandal” that broke out during a presidential campaign. This went down when I was barely old enough to vote. Gary Hart/Donna Rice.


When I , as a fully grown adult, revisited the newsreels and old media coverage concerning the affair, my jaw dropped.  

I could not believe that any adult could have or would have believed that this man could have or would have actually been “caught” in any such obviously sloppy “affair” , only to surrender the pursuit of such an important “once in a lifetime opportunity”.  It looked and felt like a grade C -plus script.

I would tell a child of the future …

When you see things that make you say “I can’t believe he was THAT stupid as to be caught”, take a beat to think it over.

Take a beat to measure the level of stupidity it would take for him to be grinning into a camera as his “hot number” was sitting on his lap, also posed for the photo. At a time where he was running in an election and while being married.  After it was reported that he dared reporters to “find anything” on him.

Take another measure on how much more stupid he would have to be, being seen to be doing his business on an actual boat named “Monkey Business”. A term which means “fooling around” in intimate sexual ways.

If the sum total equals “too stupid to live” …but then you watch this man in the old conferences which were held, understand that he was more of a top-notch mind than most and when the story “is still somewhat of a mystery” in the retelling of it by the people directly involved in it..

Honey, don’t buy it. As a matter of fact, don’t even come back home until you come to your best senses, to admit that this “two plus two” equals nothing but a big fat

Oh, they’re taking the piss out of us. Again‘.

It doesn’t matter “for whom” or “for why”, when it comes to political matters and alleged directives issued. I wouldn’t be surprised if the man was yet another example of a player, outfitted with exceptional intellect and reputation, used for deviousness schemed from on high yet completely taken for a fool himself, fulfilling a role he was completely unaware of. We’d be here all day if we made a list of the “higher ends” men whose lives were wasted and ruined under that repeated and abusive pattern of manipulation.

You have better things to do than to waste your precious time untangling some ratty ball of string that Massa tossed out in the yard for you to play with, when it’s probably been soaked through to the center with Super Glue.”

It would be a grand gift from us to share, with our future youth, the wisdom and advice on avoiding getting sucked into idiot roleplays and manufactured dramas.

It can help them concentrate more on their own life and the ironing out of their own dramas.

It can help them maintain a less immature view on a life where their development will already be arrested enough.

Heck, it could even help a few avoid getting punched in their big mouths, because of the heated and opinionated arguments that these wretched things can ignite between individuals.

We can watch all else slip away and be left with nothing but the tightest of crossed fingers for their eventual returns…

Good advice, which no one will be able nor encouraged to give them, will be the one thing we can not afford to fail giving them.

Without remaining on some bitter “I went through it, so you can too” kick and without being childishly miserly with what we choose to share, because we won’t gain or regain what was taken from our own youth due to the “ding dongs” Massa took us for. It’s over, we had our ride.

It should be nothing but an uplifting honor to help an upcoming society of adults stand firmer on their feet as they overhaul this world into the brightest future Mankind’s ever experienced..as much as we’re able to, of course.

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