Early Media Jabs At Us – From 1858


A few posts ago, I made reference to the heavy washing in of the “sloppy” factor in Media. It’s a mass social conditioning which one can say was achieved with the very dedicated efforts from some very determined folk.

One can detect earlier conditioning than the 70’s, when the Population program propaganda was used as an excuse to kick the rinse cycle up a notch or two.  It’s also evident in films, ads and such from the 1920’s and 30s.

What one is almost certainly not going to have an easy time finding, is evidence or examples of the chipping away at our esteem through media at much earlier points…

Over the course of….

(let’s see..subtract the obvious from 2021…carry the two..click my heifer hooves together three times…spin around in a confused circle and we get…Hmm…)

Way too long of a time to absorb such streams of reinforced negativity; complete with the early versions of the backhanded “compliment” sarcasms that litter the modern media landscape Today.

(I will try to upload clearer copies later. I thank you very much, in the meantime, for bearing with what I post at this moment)

Original newspaper article clips= March 1858 issue of “Portland Transcript and Eclectic”

Like I’ve touched on before, it is part of the media history which assisted in the demoralizing of the American population. “Subtle” abuses which didn’t start in the 70’s or the 20’s, but has never stopped since the beginning; this relentless erosion and chipping away at a nation of people’s sense of “self”.

For it to have taken this long speaks volumes on just how very much there was to scheme around and then tackle in the first place.

Even though our hands were often tied behind our backs, where basic rules regarding “fair play” for “the unborn and vulnerable” were not respected.

Rules which even ‘warmongering’ leaders preferred to abide by, to avoid the slander of “cowardice” against the reputations they took great pride in defending and fighting for..against equally strong or stronger foes.

Rules which can also show up in various cultures, in scripture and alongside other basic rules about civilized governing. Like the causing of human beings to “sin” and leaving them no other paths to choose from in order to avoid it. Or warnings against legislating over other people’s “attitudes” towards one another, when one’s own history is engorged with eroding the morale of entire populations of human beings.

As usual, I appreciate an opportunity to scratch up some good news I can use.

To me, it’s the type of encouragement which we can glean strength and faith from. Simply by knowing that our forebears did their best, despite being reminded about whatever small minded things were being said about them.

Just like we will continue to do, ensuring that everything ends up being “pretty okay” eventually and anyway.

Knowing that we weren’t the ones who needed the reminding to “mind our manners” (to the extremes that it’s been accepted) , after all.


Also, for all it could be worth..it can be regarded as being evidence that whatever we are all engaged in now can be understood and dealt with as an old and tragic obligation which was started by long gone and dead men. Which is a good deal better than handling it as a “newly sprung leak” or failure crafted at the hands of modern men-when several generations have been born and have passed away, still carrying it or fighting against it- each having suffered from the effects of it. That’s all.

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