Additional Dirty Footprints to Study: Teen Hobos and Donner Party

I don’t know if anything has been theorized in serious conversations about the 1920s epidemic of young children and train jumping. Neither am I aware if there is a more focused understanding about Hasting’s role in the Donner Party horror of the 1840’s.

I know that Massa and Media did a bang-up job turning the screws on that whole “family killing” routine, right after the Depression they helped bump America into. And right before they swallowed a vast majority of those same children, as adult soldiers, in their second “World War”..against us.

(When watching the full documentary, it will do to note that Hollywood helped wash in the notion of rail riding to hundreds of thousands of down-on-their-luck teens-like modern PSAs and films have helped wash in all sorts of increased diseases per their “anti” front, over the course of three decades.)

Concerning the Donner ordeal, I know that the chances of Native Indians “giggling” over popping off multiple animals with poison darts doesn’t square up right, at all.

Not when there was well known outrage expressed over the wealthy ‘white’ man’s wasteful habits of shooting just for “sport”. Never mind the start up date for the fated trip being in the middle of April. Let alone the “scavenger hunt” note idiocy. The gross lies. Hastings’ character being inserted as an active party member in Massa’s movies a century later..when he refused to come anywhere near those he misled onto the doomed trail. And much more.

And I know that both events offered up the exact sort of juvenile, long lasting and devastating “trickster” cow crap that would inspire even modern curs to wag mighty and mangy tail, at top speeds, over.

Since Massa and his “kids” don’t particularly mind their “discretionary” manners anymore, it may be of extreme interest for old timer and new history students to revisit or be introduced to these events. The sort of tragedies of “superiority” and “sneakiness” which a promising future of human beings (who actually plan to move us out of the BCE era) will be too ashamed to boast about or be engaged in.

Donner Party documentary

Riding the Rails article.

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