A Safe Suggestion for ‘Mixed’ Children’s Hair Care

Ramsy's Joint

As an ethnically blended (“half-breed” or whatever term one wishes to use) fifty-two year old woman, I will reserve personal comments re: this System’s various image manipulations concerning “our kind” for later days.

Today, I’m passing on a hair care tip, for parents of ethnically mixed children-specifically “black and white” blends. In case they’ve been left with no choice except to experiment with caustic chemicals or to simply let “nature take its course”, resulting in “hairstyles” unmanaged and painfully difficult to brush through for the child herself.

It’s very simple and if one doesn’t mind spending a few dollars on a hair bonnet style hair dryer, I suspect it’s a tip that many parents will appreciate greatly. Without the fear, pain or regret of using harsher alternatives. With this method, you can experiment without long lasting damages.

You will need some hair rollers (foam ones are great

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