Words Which Could Have Done “It”. For Both Sides.

The most obvious humiliation I can think of , for both sides, includes this ongoing insistence on nurturing and maintaining  “magical” superstitions.

From foolish and arrogant celebrities who tweeze their brows and goatees to resemble cartoon villains ; speaking with goofy “sultriness” or glaring into cameras with what they probably and truly believe carry announcements of “evil menace”.
To the most stubborn and gullible of us who ogle and wait for rabbits to pop out of “magical”  hats to supply us with…who even knows what anymore. Too ashamed to admit that we don’t understand even a fraction of what we pretend to know and too full of childish ego to cut a little mercy for those brave enough to realize and respect that each of us are in the exact same boat.

Where entire lifespans of our very best, most beautiful and flat out genius talents…are suctioned flat-  to not only “teach a world of idiots” some harsh and undeserved “lessons” but simultaneously groomed to sacrifice their own happiness, peace of mind and necessary personal comforts-just to name a few things.

One lousy hour-to pay serious attentions to lectures like this one…

That’s all it could take..to start. Or could have taken.

For the most recent generation of “masters”. Or a future generation of the same; the term “masters” thankfully and finally irrelevant

For the sake of true re -evaluation and for the sake of “saving” the exact same things which we’re being punished (and punishing ourselves) for “not saving” for the longest time.

Without the continued humiliation of being literally trapped as grown ‘adult’ human beings who literally “practice leadership” by literally playing pretend and dress-up. 

For those in highest power to finally stop teaching Mankind to absorb 100% blame for everything which it’s never had any say in and that it’s too “worthless and stupid” to run itself.
Even though there doesn’t exist a single day, in our recorded history, where Mankind was ever allowed a chance to prove otherwise , without being hounded and abused.

And , as if the pain and wastefulness wasn’t bad enough, it appears to have been done merely for the sake of a “few” to ultimately enjoy “weird” and unchallenged kicks and/or to collect bunches of toys and build monuments to glorify themselves..just so that other human beings may admire them.

Yes..for a civilization that has exhausted itself with decades/miles of words from the likes of sub standard talk show hosts, naïve cookie cutter therapists and generations of undereducated experts, it would seem a head hanging shame that the less exhausting and sensible (from highly regarded and respected intellects) words could have ended up so disregarded re: the most preventable “lose-lose” ( read “too stupid for words“) outcome that could have ever been imagined. For both sides.

Never mind the overall Nothing it actually amounted to-where the gross wasting of the most precious resources went down.. during the very times that we kept, and were coerced to keep, our mouths stretched open the longest and loudest over supposedly “needing” to save them.

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