They Have Deserved, Do Deserve and Will Deserve Better

It’s a small detail that future young academic authorities will want to mind.

The issue of how many “new studies” are not really “new” at all. Sometimes, not by long shots.

Examples abound (if one applies the energy towards finding them),but the point can be made on a single one.

The following article snippets (from 1969 “Population Bomb” pg.60-61 and link to illustrate one such example. One can see that the environmental hazards; global warming effect via contrails was discussed and understood several decades prior to any “new finding”.

Why did I specifically address future (potentially unconceived at this time) academic authorities?

Even though they may be forced to exert uncomfortable amounts of power against us..

Even though many may continue to choose seeing us just as expendable lab rats and ill-behaved animals..

Even though I/we may lose all meaningful contact with and so-called affections from our young talents in those fields..

It doesn’t matter. Because these will still be my children and my family members. These will still be my dearest friend’s children, my neighbor’s and so on.

Despite the cruel extremes practiced, by this “thing” which has enslaved/abused us over the centuries, I am/we are still going to care about those who will be dedicating their lives and seeking to achieve “final solutions” to better a world.. which their mentors will still continue holding out as a carrot for them to chase, for their entire lives throughout. Some, as entire lives wasted.

I don’t want my child, as a grown professional, being whispered about and pitied as a laughingstock in the eyes of his international peers..because his education was comparatively mangled and substandard. If not simply a gut deep humiliation. He deserves better than that.

I don’t want my daughter, as an adult CEO, to suffer confusions and back peddling embarrassments when confronted by truths vs. what she was taught. She deserves better than that.

And as in the case of the author who was left to claim sole authorship of the “Pop Bomb” book (into which he obviously poured a phenomenal amount of time and talent into), it should shame us to risk the misleading of future talents, as far as the integrity of their education goes. As was done to those who came before them. They deserved better than that.

Whether the practice of motherhood is actually and finally destroyed, or not. It doesn’t mean that all of us can stop caring about our children and the adults they will struggle to become.

And no matter whether we end up in some sort of communistic hive for the masses where personal families are forbidden, or not. We haven’t experienced a lick of true freedom on this stage, under their influences, on the wearisome “anyhows” anyway.

It has much more to do with sense than sentimentality, when I say that it should be one of the easier projects to tackle, with no reason to get angry over it-when a bettering of our future influencers should be a cause for immense inspiration and celebration.. not a continuance of wishy-washy truths, “sneaky” realignments and eternally argued and/or censored definitions.

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