Well..The Guard’s Out

A loved one tried to book a hotel tonight and all of the rooms were taken. The same story was in play for a few surrounding establishments.

The clerks mentioned that arrival of The National Guard was the reason.

Capitol Fax.com – Your Illinois News Radar » Pritzker deploys National Guard to fight massive chemical fire near Rockford

It reminded me of a few things, forced me to ponder a few new things.

I thought of You, most of all, Kiddo. My Love. My heart.

Hoping that you may forgive us one day, if/when the worst continues and we are left with no choices.

Hoping that you have a little mercy in your heart and forgiveness in your mind, by remembering that “what happened” or “may be happening” was decided and set in stone generations ago. Which naturally means that our sons, daughters, brothers, sisters and various loved ones..those who will be obligated to forces far greater than more “trivial” attachments..will not have even been born.

The harm they will do to us, the refusal to listen to us and the force they will use against us…those are a few of the very things I’m referring to, whenever I mention the subject of forgiveness..for when the Time comes.

Hoping that you know that we did try speaking..we were just not listened to and our words were erased.

Hoping that you know that not all of us were disruptive or unlawful to the point that we carelessly threw the future of your freedoms away for the sake of our misbehaviors..not at all. We weren’t given a choice. At all. Good ones, bad ones..it never mattered-as is the case in all cases of generational abuse.

Hoping you remember and understand that the very ones who made promises they never intended to keep

were/are also the same ones who could/can define what abuse was/is because it’s the same cycles of abuse which they have delivered against several generations of our families..and what we suffer under to this day.

Hoping that you maintain the strong faith that not a day goes by without many souls doing their best..for the sakes of our very lives. We’re just not allowed to easily , if at all, know about it.

As anyone can find, by the works left behind by Mankind’s most devout and truest brothers and sisters..you may rest assured that they have always been there for us and always will be.

As with Manly P Hall and Alan Watts-sane and sound philosophers who blessed us with the wisdom that much wiser and kinder intellectuals in the future will finally mind, in order to restructure Mankind’s society upon. In the correct ways. Sane ways. Productive ways.

And as with Bill Cooper-who dedicated much to provide us with the important warnings ..which irrefutably unfolded over the course of the three decades since publication.

I hope you remember that everyone involved..was taught in the exact same schools about (over many decades) and swore oaths to protect against (if only through alleged and supposed “patriotic” or “religious” expressions) the misfortunes facing us-meaning there will remain no excuse in the world, Honey, that any civilized society, in your future, should ever have cause to repeat or revisit certain (and shamefully primitive)schemes -which too many are too reluctant to challenge or stop, for whatever unfortunate reason or another.

Most of all, I’d want you to know how much many of us truly love You.

For this world They created was taken to such horrid extremes and their work was so complete in shattering all family bonds.. that the first and often only people we were finally blessed with, able to love us..was and is You; a miracle that too many of Us found impossible to expect but our Creator was gracious enough to allow us to find.

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