Nietzsche and the Nazis: Full Audiobook : With a Word for Mr. and Mrs. Celebrity Smarty Pants

Yes.. dear brightly capped and haughty indignant movie star, lash fluttering and fast talking “self help” guru, finger waving and undereducated “enlightenment life coach” and talk show host-but “gee whiz, ain’t I somethin’ else now I have all eyes on me, get to buy a bunch of toys and get to rub elbows with folk who speak in terms I’ll never understand and don’t care that they’re snickering loads behind my back anyway”.

My “dear” newscaster, whom we can all hear attempt to deepen your voice for dramatic effect..although it’s clearer than the wax holding your hairdo together, that there are now senior citizen human beings all around you whose voices haven’t broken and still carry the exact same tone as when they were teenagers. Including you, my “friend”, when you let your guard down and the true state of your voice wafts through on the tail end of an idiotic anecdote you flubbed up, delivering to the audience which you are deluded into believing you carry intellectual superiority over..

For all of you “important” and public personas, who’ve been in “charge” of “informing” and “leading” mere mortals onto “enlightened” paths, despite the roar of the incessant flushing of a toilet which hundreds of millions of us are being sucked into..including you, oh mighty Mr. and Mrs. Smarty pants.

Yes, this IS exactly what you and your “blessed” ego helped set into place.

No one’s referring to those whom understand what their duties are and do not, nor should be expected to, care about the devastation going on.

This was for those who have harassed the public at large mercilessly for decades, thinking they were preventing the forest from being set on fire…but whose eyes have been squeezed shut to the condition of the trees, per the pressure from the fat deposits trapped within their skulls.


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