You are NOT welcome, Hard Rock. Not at all.

Since my entire family (including myself) was just woken out of deep sleep moments ago, by one of those explosions..what came to mind was a response to a particular sign which “Hard Rock Café” has been waving in the wind at one of their construction sites in our town.

It says “Thank You (whatever the town’s name is)!”


“Thanks” for what, exactly, you big and courageous hot shots?

Thanks for sitting here like good boys and girls, while your buddies at CERN keep blasting away and terrorizing this world from the safe confines of their nest miles underground?

Thanks for dying off so you can build another hotel and make some more scratch to keep refreshing your frickin’ Halloween style face jobs? Hm?

Or is it basically “thanks” for providing you with your nightly stiffies as you get off on the fact that you’re winning in a game where…you basically have nothing to do but stand there…grinning, with every single corner cemented shut to where we could have turned to save our children’s lives…(that is, if you had an iota of “playing fair”..against “opponents” who did nothing to you, can’t do anything to you and are what’s left of the generations of victims which your cowardly ancestors burned, beat, stabbed, drowned and hung whenever they needed to buy new toys and secure giant new wet willies for kicks)


Well, from those of us who have to deal with this shit of yours..until you ease your jeweled hump in to resume business without needing to bug bomb us anymore…

You can stuff that little “thank you”, like you stuff our air full of poisons ..with the rest of your hot shot brothers and sisters.. straight into the middle of nowhere.

Since you “need” to speak to thousands of us, as we’re being murdered, then I “need” to respond as one of those “cockroaches” you’re obviously going to continue unloading blasts against..until there’s sufficient cushioning for you to set your delicate feet upon, from the layering of our corpses…after what? Another year? Another two years? Five?

You are NOT welcome, Hard Rock. Not at all.

“Thanks” back at you for disrupting our sleep, each and every damned day..since it’s obviously “giving sarcastic thanks for F all” time.

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