Christ is a Condition, Not a Murdered Man. Call on It.

(NOTE: I wrote the original post days ago. If a shift in the mood is felt, it is because I spoke the following words to my child…in 2021…in America…Today

Honey, they are throwing human beings into concentration camps, worldwide.”

After I updated him on today’s next phase update of this COVID reign of “silent” terror.)

Yes, I wonder about it too. If..

Our ancestors from previous wars and different times would have either wished for this or even wanted this. To “somehow” be in a world and live in a place where their slain sons, dead daughters and evaporated parents could still walk about, talk to them and appear to still go about their business. If..

They would have welcomed the “miracle” of their dead son returning from the battleground or burnt mother crawling out from the wreckage of a bombed home.

I know. As human beings, in any stage of grieving, we do have a tendency to slip into that intensely painful sort of fantasy. We always have.

“Oh dear God, if you could only..just bring Jill back for one day.”

“If only…”

“Just, if…”

Educated sense would warn against such gruesome and heartbreaking fantasies. If only because the tale of “The Monkey’s Paw” used to be known by the majority of well-read students. However, the common senses of our longing and desires dictate a foolish, yet completely sympathetic, otherwise.

We live in that world now. If you haven’t noticed the pot shots taken in the titles found in Media, then most certainly the clues lie in other corners of the system which They now gleefully and dutifully present. The childish proclamations of “zombies”. The stupid “official” documents playing on the notion of zombies attacking. The fact that they are now attacking us, playing with us and insist and command that all of us pretend that nothing is going on or that we should submit to forced vaccinations and swabs..when our loved ones died from or were made listless, lifeless and wretched soon AFTER RECEIVING THESE SHOTS AND SUBMITTING TO THESE SHOTS ALREADY OVER THE COURSE OF THESE PASSED TWO YEARS OF OUR ASSAULT.

One need only look out onto the street or try (struggle) to engage in a conversation that can last past five minutes before one (who can still be considered relatively more alive than not) is hit by a cold and creeping horror of this truth. On a most devastating level, one need “only” suffer through living years with a lover unwilling to give and share that which he/she cries out for and desperately craves for him/herself. On the darkest and most painful level, to watch a wholly beloved child turn against you, steal from you, lie to you and abuse others…thus rendering them unsociable, unloved and lost in a swamp of everlasting pitch blackness; from which only you can rescue them…. but through which they do not (cannot) allow. And by which you are forced to retreat, sentenced to suffering the wound of a torn heart, which never heals..each day after day, every night after insufferable night. Though they still walk around, still eat, still stare into their screens and still can’t hear any words you say and have forgotten that you meant anything to them at all, once upon a time.

No, I don’t believe they would have welcomed this tragedy of a “miracle” at all, the physical return of their slain loved ones; victims of different wars waged by the same and singular and ancient force of executioners. For..

They could, at merciful least, continue on with their lives at certain points after their loved ones’ bodies were safely contained, buried and at peace. There would be new babies to gradually wash away the tears, as their progress was clocked with renewed hopes and affections. Affections sure to be returned and expanded upon to lift and light the lives of others.

There would be the merciful blessing of old memories being allowed to drift away, to make way for the growth of productive days, new hobbies and everything our ancestors had in abundance to look forward the bountiful cycle we were so used to engaging in..but has now been broken.


Now, because our hearts have been intimately, willingly and eternally bound to those we love, we are chained to the shells they are now left to “live” in; angry, confused, violent, depressed. Angrier still that we continue to speak to them in a language they once knew by heart. And more confused still, because nothing makes sense anymore to them and never will as long as they know that they stand on legs they can still feel, look out of eyes which carry images to their sensors and can still see a world of still beautiful things…but can’t smell, touch or be touched by them. Dead.

Yes, I know, like you, the Who, the What and multiple Whys which led us to “living” in this growing graveyard; this supposed “beneficent” enslavement and “quiet” mass genocide.

Yes, I too know the lies surrounding all the “long term benefits” by which the most obedient of our children strive for and to which our hollow and angry eyed “intellectuals” keep bashing towards with the fists of their “superior intellect” and often snarled sarcasms.

Although, as much as it pains us to witness their “dead” bodies become further depleted in the course of their “living”….they can’t possibly see the evil which murdered them, many of whom were slaughtered in the very (which should have been sacred and untouched by mortal man) womb of future mothers they would be destined and commanded to hate.

Yes, sadly, I wonder about these fanciful “nothings”, like you do. Because there is nothing left to wonder upon.

From the screaming, the weeping and fighting to keep our “dead” loved ones safe and by our side, to there being no caresses to anticipate, ambitions to help nurture nor celebrations to make plans for…because we, who are more alive than not, are also trapped into dying alongside them, in the futile irony of “keeping them alive.”

I love you. Whomever you are. If only’re still preciously and wonderfully still alive enough to understand this.

And for that, I extend my most fervent and true wish of and in support for your fight against the enemy..who, unfortunately, turned out to be the very “parents” who built this “nation” of ours, used our people to murder other people, steal other lands and hoist garish monuments to their “glory” upon this land…only to end up mocking the great-grandchildren of those who did these favors for them.

Those who willingly sacrificed themselves for their cause and incessant lies.

Worst still, made sure that many of them were torn so low and debilitated so far that they would assist and fight their own people..without being able to understand, because they were bio-chemically stripped and the victims of a hundred years of such foul (albeit subtle and sneaky) Media propaganda, that it WOULD take someone of severely razed intelligence to not see the patterns and trails in ALL of it.

And before any unnecessary feathers are ruffled and faux indignancy is unleashed..there is and will be NO better authority than those of us who had to suffer the humiliations and life-long rejections from a society who dared had the balls to ground us into the dirt for “being less” than the majority chose to pretend they were “better than”.

IT DOES NOT MEAN THAT THE ENTIRE BABY NEEDS TO BE FLUSHED AWAY WITH THE BATH WATER. Even an “ignorant” animal such as myself knows this.

Remember..Christ is a CONDITION. YOUR birthright. And YOUR key to be left free to rule your own a world where NOTHING but more death, NOTHING but increased confusion and NOTHING but destroyed nations have EVER followed in the wake of Papa’s cowardly and lunatic scheming.

Call on It.

Christ is not that murdered and bloodied man whom Papa placed on a cross to intimidate us, threaten us and remind us as to what will happen the next time that Man tries proclaiming His right to exercising this Christ Condition…in peace; not the “peace” which is hung before us like a raw and rotted carrot over and over and fricking over…until we actually DO resemble an entire nation of humans “too stupid to live”.

Remember that, if ever you ever find yourself wondering about fictitious and melancholy “what-ifs”, as mentioned above.

Call on It.

For we most certainly have more important things to address.


Love, Ramsy…(a “special needs” adult who carries membership to each and every “special interest” group..and knows each one to be a complete and total fraud. If only because she lost practically everything she ever strived to protect, strived to love…yet still found Christ in due enough time to understand that it is NOT too late for YOU and that YOU deserve better.)

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