A bit of an intro

Although recently diagnosed with Aspergers and ADHD (Geesh, that was kind of hard to say😏), I’ve decided to believe that I will make sense once in a while…to somebody..somewhere.
That’s not bad, considering how I felt over followers unfollowing me recently.
I’m a forty (COUGHsomething) year old woman who long stopped learning the ins n outs of Internet socialization. I’d been online since ’94, sure, but fell out of touch when text became the messenger of choice.
I knew all caps meant someone was mad (or drunk) but I certainly knew nothing of cluttering feed lines and such. I can barely remember which eyes can see what messages or how to even escape a group message.
I hope starting this blog will help me “be out there” without being that lost driver going 35 in a 75😏..horns honking in exasperation behind.
Hey, thanks for reading..be well.

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