One Thing leads to Another

I was in the middle of enjoying “Orange is the new Black” season 4 episodes. Then, one thing/thought led to another. It started with my thinking on how much I didn’t like the show’s opening song.
I eventually scolded myself for complaining. I love the show. I can’t get enough of it.
Come here for info on “Orange is the NewBlack”
But there I was, mentally mumbling, each time the song played between shows.

(Note: having heard the song in its entirety, I have a feeling I could warm up to it a bit more. Many a brow has been raised over my occasional tastes, anyway. If it was good enough to accompany a mega hit such as “Orange..Black.”, then it’s entitled to many listens.)

I try to remind myself that if all I have to complain about is a song, oh please.. shame on me.
Bills are paid- thank you, Diligent Spouse-I’m not a hard drinker anymore  and my children are safe and healthy.

There’s no harm acknowledging that there are human beings suffering through living nightmares..every single day. It forces me to suck in my lower lip and consider worshipping the days I’m given.
You know, the same type of days that victims pray to see again-which many do not get to.
I remembered a Lifetime movie on such matter called “Cleveland Abduction”. It stars Taryn Manning. She’s well known for playing the inmate known as “Pensatucky” on “Orange is the new Black”.

If you  go here to her site, you’ll discover that she sings as well. Hopefully, many smiles will spread upon hearing just how well she does sing.

It reminds me of the time I discovered  that Juliette Lewis was  gifted in something other than acting, as well. That was one heck of a treat, to be sure.

All righty, I can’t very well finish a post on “one thing leading into another” without incuding this The Fixx classic, can I? Nahh…


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