Maliana, Michelle and Martin.

Here we go ..again. Another hunk of water cooler jaw candy. Another wedge driven between friendships, understandings.
Maliana Trump’s speech at 2016’s RNC seems to be a current wedge.
Click here for Trump-Obama speech

The 2016 RNC speech has been reported to contain the majority text of a 2008 speech made by Michelle Obama.
Everybody from media figureheads to our half deaf grannies will be working themselves up into a lather over this. Fists will be pounded as pseudo political intellectuals argue over the “dire consequences” of what it all means. Angry words will be spoken on the spin and assumptions; both sides.
No one will take into consideration that our “lords” and “masters” haven’t been following polite protocol or abiding by ethical standards for a minute anyway.
While we snipe our brothers for their “ignorant views”, the Big boys and girls continue strutting about the yard picking and pecking at will. Putting on a show before the new Prom king or queen is “voted” in.
As we broil with indignation over the muddying of once upon a time ethical standards, they sleep soundly-job security guaranteed as the do-nothing folk playing their do-nothing roles, that they are.
There will be a lot of hullabaloo, once again, over petty and stupid bits. It’s the same old routine, over multiple moments across multiple years. All the while, us driving ourselves stupid by talking ourselves to death-with zero action. Over every piddly thing.
If we had the rep of setting things right, as a people, with our bickering and microscopic focus..I’d be more than ok with remaining quiet. If we held our own actions accountable, but we don’t. Instead, we’re pathologically drawn to rain judgement down upon all others who “don’t act right.” Screaming at the top of our lungs over what a man says, what he thinks…even in the privacy of his own home. Calling for the killing of celebrities’ livelihoods (food from the mouths of their children) for a few misspoken words from years long passed. Poking our twitching whiskers into everyone’s business and wild with insult if someone attempts to keep us from it.
That’s a certain kind of pitiful about us.
A wild eyed band of witch hunters; yet, if you shine a spotlight on our personal indiscretions, we cry, yanking the blankie of “freedom of speech” over our childish , pouting faces. This would be the very same blankie we tear out of the hands of those we need to judge.
However, that’s not the worst of it. It’s the blatant pick and choose of it all, that disgusts me. It’s how we jam the hot branding iron of shame into the faces of some, while bowing and laying roses at the feet who have committed the very same (if not worse) offenses.
It’s one man’s life ruined and prosecuted for questionable photos of minors on his computer , while another celebrity “hero” is held high upon the shoulders of millions..despite admitting feeding alcohol to children and sleeping naked with them in his god forsaken bed. That’s what disgusts me.
I think of the innocent man serving prison time, raped and beaten by his cell mates , to be eventually released decades later with a lousy apology because he was free of guilt all along. Then I think on the gaping grins of millions of humans who cheer the exoneration of a celebrity. A celebrity whose very DNA can be secured from the bloody scene of two human beings brutalized like animals in the wild..yet can still be called a “hero”. Wow. Does that EVER ,set my teeth on edge.
Our ignorance. Our selfishness. Our hypocrisy. All of which could at least be forgiven, if we could truly take a moment to seriously acknowledge in order to seriously correct.
But…we don’t. We are nowhere near doing so.
This so called plagiarism debate? It’s going to lay waste to countless days in untold ways, amongst us all. It’ll be another trivial matter our necks will swivel to, jaws unhinge over.

We’ll be clucking, beating chests and the plastic faced media cheerleaders will be urging us on with their urgent panel discussions and their oh so serious looks upon their oh so serious mugs.
Once again, half assed truths and stunted knowledge will infect us, rile us…resulting in nothing. We’ll carry a residue of this “hot topic”. Then, like all else, we’ll forget it. Like seed tossed into the middle of a chicken coop, it’ll be picked at, consumed and deposited atop a stinking forgotten heap of consequences.
All damage is eventually shrugged over. We continue picking and choosing, within our “equal and just ” society. The High and Mighty We determining which of our Favs get to slide and which Demons must pay.
If I came across too harsh or ignorant upon the “real picture”, I will politely acknowledge that I mean no harm. I will present to you, an example of our hypocritical and ignorant allowances.
It is the “I have a Dream” speech and Archibald Carey’s speech that Martin Luther King plagiarized, borrowed, lifted from…whatever term you prefer. I kindly ask you to compare the speeches.

To read about the speech plagiarism , click here

If you have the time, the following link will present his higher education plagiarism, as well.

Click here for MLK discovery
I ask you to give it a good and long thought-the MLK findings. Let yourself be reminded of what he’s come to symbolize to many.
Personally, it’s a shameful and unethical thing when those worshipped for their work claim the work of others as their own. Never mind the shame of building one’s education in such a way. Mind you, that’s spoken only as my opinion.
I understand many are willing to overlook and forgive for the sake of bigger pictures. Wouldn’t the world be just swell, if we engaged in that more?
The question , for myself, is on our claim to equality and fairness. Are we or are we not supposed to be treated equally, in matters of punishment and reward? I mean, hey, if the laws of the land were to say “If you’re popular, then adjusted rules will apply.” Well, then! Problem solved. I’d happily engage in the changed rules and keep my fingers crossed. But they don’t.

I was brainwashed, along with every other little boy or girl, to believe….to KNOW, we were going to be treated equally. That’s just the facts. My problem is with the noises we make when we don’t take responsibility on our own ends….yet we whip our neighbor to death for the same.
If the rambling anger rose within you re: the petty Trump-Obama speech, don’t you think it’s worth setting aside , if you find yourself in the sobering position of dismissing the same ‘crime’ committed by a “hero”?
You could consider it like helping dab a salve of knowledge to the festering wound of our ignorance.
Or, just not being an ass and playing fair.


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