Intimate Hypocrisy

Often, those who express gratitude or longing for the selflessness of others, are the most reluctant to reciprocate.

Kicked back, patting their stuffed bellies, you can find them aglow with the satisfaction of meals prepared by those who spare no expense to bring it to them. Yet, they glare severe disproval at the selfless few, when they timidly sit and wait to partake of the same.

Much is made of how “rude” they are to exhibit the bad manners of “seeking attention”. How dare they simper over how much they hunger for their own satisfaction. How unforgivably selfish.
Undisguised contempt over their weakness of spirit, like bothersome children unwilling to face facts.
Sit still. Be quiet. If pity or praise is what you seek..then tough it out like the rest of us. Grow up.
Yet , admonitions swell to bursting , when once gracious hosts finally indeed, “grow up”. It being more about seeking rest from tireless toil, gobbled down gracelessly by the selfish majority, not what they are or are not entitled to have.
That sort of intimate hypocrisy saddens me deeply. It always has.
This production, “Dogville”, presents such hypocrisy to a fine and brilliant point.

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