“Bound” for “No Man’s Sky”

Both games “Bound” and “No Man’s Sky” will be delighting me (hopefully) very soon. Having had pre-purchased them, as their release dates approach, I feel all tingly with anticipation. Why? Well, let’s take a look

“Bound” will mesmerize the young girl in me who had wished to be a dancer but with a hiney proportioned in a way to knock even a metronome off kilter, that wasn’t really a doable delight. This piece of interactive elegance looks quite promising.

As far as “No Man’s Sky” is concerned, the excitement has been brewing for months.

QUADRILLIONS of planets will be available for the finding by millions of players worldwide. With such a number of planets, each one generating unique life forms, this is going to shake many of us out of our Multiplayer game verse doldrums right quick.


Well…It turns out the folks who put out the game hyped it up far beyond their abilities. It would seem beyond their intentions as well. Not a new treat to the multiplayer online community at all. Just another “hunt and pecker walk around by my own damned self” disappointment.

Starting  with my love for NES  techy-mechy “Shadowrun”, up to my residencies within “Descent” and “Defiance”..I have wide open arms ready for this stunning new sci-fi adventure. I don’t set any battlefields ablaze with my middle aged momma-nessity, but an original gamer’s adventuring spirit quests forever onward.

Speaking of being an original 80s arcade playing hatchling (earthly arrival being late 60s) , my fingers are crossed for parents and grandparents from the era. Many of us have quietly bowed out of being participants to being financial suppliers and onlookers. It would be quite swell for a good number of the original gaming generation to rejoin the fold through these two games.

The following are games I continue to enjoy. I consider them as perfect examples of smart and engaging video games for Mom and Dad to rediscover- sans blistering verbal abuse from disgruntled pre teen teammates. Or finger splints.




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