The Alleged PTB and We

I don’t believe that any mass of organized  citizenry will ever defeat the alleged “Powers that be-PTB.” With entire armies and the world economy at their disposal. it sure sounds like a piteously short war to me.
Naw. I’m not “one of those”
If I truly believe that the PTB own the court, why waste energy pointing out all things PTB, conspiracy wise? Wouldn’t it make better sense to do as previous generations and just fall in step?
I’m glad I asked that question of myself. Let’s see what I had to say on it.
Lives need to be lived. Unless you’re some kind of rock troll, a comfortable life for your children is high desire number One. I hope I’m not encouraging  low rent ambition by stating that this sounds like good enough reason.
If a future government forces women into abortions for not paying a certain tax..
If our children are forced into menial positions due to the substandard condition of their databased DNA ..
If any number of outrageous or atrocious circumstances  were to unfold in the future, it would be a land of nightmares for our progeny. Imagine the blessings for the family that has time to prepare-due to an ancestor and his wisdom to see what needed seeing.
The preparations wouldn’t have to be for battling of the PTB. Not at all.
Learning how to be stealthy enough to sneak your loved ones to places of safety..
Teaching your children how to read the language of  attorneys and the histories of bankers who dictate the terms of their lives.
Heck, even teaching children to embrace long forgotten graces so they aren’t shamed into the lie of not being good enough to shape their own personalities.
Purposefully developing, honing and passing along skills throughout the generations. More specifically, skills not heavily sponsored by the Eventual amd Purposeful Destroyer of your children’s Divine right to live as the Masters of their own Bodies.
That’s what I  believe.
Also, I believe there’ll be a place in the future where PTB institutions will be immortalized as the bloated barnacles on the hide of Humanity that they truly have been for thousands of years.
It may take a “minute”. It may dawn at a location far from Earth’s surface, but it will be a Platinum age well worth the patient and disciplined wait.

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