Instigating Outrage

Don’t get sucked into the puppet show too deeply over this recent issue.
Read article here on ‘ outrage’ over Soros and Dems

We’re easily riled up and manipulated into anger or shock. This is what the media does, sadly enough, because we let them.
It’s a ridiculous game. It’s a worn and played out move; Soros playing “boogey man” to the masses..again.
It looks bad to be seen as having financial ties to someone such as Soros. In the fantasy based notion of fairness in political doings, yeah sure…it’s obvious. We don’t live in fantasy land. We’re not being subjected to imaginary laws. It’s not pretend media insulting our intelligence on a daily basis.
There’s no need to waste time on make-believe outrage over an “evil” side infecting the “good” with money.
I’m going to invite you to
read the following article. It’s an article on how Trump received 160 millions of dollars years ago.
You have one guess as to who it was from.

Trump’s helping hand
Save your precious time for worthwhile concerns. It’s time to stop letting your feathers get ruffled by both wretched sides of the media .
Do yourself a favor and break a bit more free from their instigating foolishness and half assed truths.

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