First Date Movies

First date movies. Wow. What a toughie.
I know, it’s tricky. Mind reading isn’t one of my strong points, neither.
Thankfully, there are certain minimal considerations one can grasp at.
For instances….
If your date was born in Mayberry… “The Time Traveler’s Wife.” will be tame enough and sharp enough to impress her. At the very least, her confidences in you being a true adult=set.

If your date hails from Gotham.. a sashay through “Inception” should have her making eager assumptions on what makes your imagination tick.

The intelligent, yet earthy, kind of hottie you would pay good money learning how to impress?
Before Sunrise” Done.

On the successive dates, the follow-up movies
Before Sunset” and “Before Midnight

If your date wore leg warmers in her teens…”White Palace.”

If your date wore a flower in her hair instead..”Unbearable Lightness of Being”. We are talking ultra sophisticated, the woman’s got “It” going on and will strongly suspect that you do as well…kind of thing.

The self centered bimbo (possibly resulting from a fifty dollar bet wagered by what you used to believe was a buddy) can be politely chased away by the fact you picked “Forgetting the Girl“.

On the other hand, if she shares a wicked sense of humor and/or love of the grislier genres, we’re talking start of a best friendship.
The sweetie you met in Barnes and Noble…deserves “Bright Star“.

Even if one of you is “accidentally” or “politely” ignoring someone’s active marital status, there’s still plenty of tender intelligence to share in “28 Hotel Rooms“.

Bad Girl with a heart of gold and a body to match?…”After Fall Winter“.


I have only a request to make of you, while presenting this ‘early- in- the -relationship’ movie suggestion,
Don’t forget my invitation to the wedding.

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