Makin’ Happy

You are in this world for yourself. To be where you need to be in order to learn what you need to learn. For Yourself.
Teach yourself to stop sweating the clowns lording over us. When they continue on their reincarnated way (if you believe that reincarnation is in play), some will be living lives of emotionally crippled crossing guards or eating out of
Understand they need to do what they need to do and let us do likewise. Stay clear of them, if you can, mind the rules. If they do rear up their ugly and intimidating faces, keep your courage. It isn’t the most Pollyanna thing I’ve said, but I swear some of them thrive off of the very panic we get thrown into.
Don’t feed that.

Me? Today? I made this video.

I enjoyed every head bobbing minute. I used more stock footage than I thought I would, but just browsing the amazing amount of talent out there was a pleasure within itself.

These visual playgrounds were courtesy of Adobe Stock and IStockphoto: Getty Images.
You can find the song on DJ Mark Farina’s 1998 compilation album “Mushroom Jazz 2”
Fantastic stock footage was made possible by the following owners and creators
From Adobe Stock
© Demian
© Alexander Y
© DPStudio
© utlanov
© oles_photo
© rusvideo
From IStock: Getty Images
© stryjekk
© ZoneCreative S.r.l.

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