Bravo, Mr. and Mrs. Jolie-Pitt

There have been speculations made and opinions expressed re: Mr and Mrs. Jolie-Pitt’s roles in “By the Sea” . Being a movie that they worked on together,  with real marital woes  unfolding in the background, many have had something to say about that. It’s one of those hyper extensive liberties taken when ogling the private lives of celebrities.
Not many of us could endure the constant and public exposure of what should be private moments. Our youthful indiscretions. Our tragic shames. Having our naked metamorphoses for the world to salivate over or smirk takes strength that most of us have no idea about.
I remember watching the film “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?” starring the “Brangelina” of yesteryear-Liz and Dick- Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton. An equally celebrated couple, these friends were as beautiful together as the news of their marital troubles was tumultuous. I remember wondering how much of their personal struggles had made it onto the screen. I remember thinking how difficult it must have been. But there they were-professional, passionate and in sync.

A truly astonishing accomplishment, considering that most of us are unable to barely speak to one another during hard times, never mind maintain focus and respect.
Here it is again, this example, in “By the Sea”.

Brad and Angelina together, sculpting a thing so fine and meaningful, it could take one’s breath away if appreciated on the deepest level.
I imagine many of us watched the movie with a certain imagining of voyeurism. Our eyes searching for hints of acrimony in their acting. Our ears listening for “clues” in the dialogue . Many of us will decide to layer the fictional characters’ woes over the top of the real people . It’s one of our more  pathological habits, when seeking to feel better about our own lives- on the constant lookout for the “beast or immature child” in those whom we, ourselves, placed so high in the first place.
I saw no, nor was I looking for, such things. I found a degree of Divine presentation/sharing.
It’s a  broken mirror with enough shards for each of us to see something familiar within. While Mrs. Jolie-Pitt was writer, director and producer of this piece, her husband was a soulfully active participant as well. There were no subtle digs, nor imbalanced insult to one character or the other.
By the end, I was filled with a melancholy awe. To me, it wasn’t simply an illustration of the common devastations we struggle with as we share lives with one another. Neither was there any kind of right or wrong answer to it all. It was a moving testimonial on surviving  troubles that have no resolution, solution or reason. The soul deep pain which allows us no relief, except for the blessed opportunity to hold on tighter to one another.
The fact that two individuals, despite whatever parallel pains lay upon their hearts, were able to bring this to us, together. That’s the Divine part, to me.

It’s a solid tribute to Courage conquering Fear..with the creators serving as the finest examples by sparing no expense and forsaking needless ego in doing so.

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