Not THAT Bad

The fact that we (majority approval) tried farm animals for the crimes of hurting human beings in actual courts of law.
Now, the idiot in me is wondering if “kangaroo court” originated in Australia because..
Animal trials
The fact that we strung single legged 80 year old women up by the neck until dead …because we (majority approval) were convinced she rode on a broomstick in the god damned air.
Click here for info
..and here
The fact that there exists no proof nor opportunity to compare our day to day intellectual functioning with , let’s say, the ancient folks who were fond of cheering while human beings were torn apart for entertainment….

Those are a few reasons that I will continue to believe that our so-called disorders aren’t anything new. You can not tell me that those folks were ANYWHERE near functioning “normally”, compared to us at the current time. I think I can be safe in saying we deserve a bit more credit than matter how stupid we may act. We’re not the villagers wetting themselves with laughter as the old lady everybody hated gets dragged screaming to her bonfire execution. All because of some delusional sounding fairy tale of an accusation. Are we? I know a lot of us are saying some crazy crap, but we’re not holding court trials where men are screaming  obscenities at the mules who are supposedly plotting to kill their wives.
No? Okay. Then we’re not that bad. Certainly not THAT bad  to warrant the following types of  attention.
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Plenty of us can work our way around our money, thank you very much. Nobody asked you for your help. By all means help those who HAVE asked for your help, there isn’t enough kindness on this earth as it is. The last thing we need is creeping legislation forcing perfectly fine adults to abide by the same rules as those not so fortunate. Again.
Bless us all.. if that day ever comes.

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