“Pallas Athena”-(TAO Jones Index)

Pallas Athena.

I was ecstatic finding this specific mix of song. While I’d had an “Earthling” album , this was on an extended version I’d somehow missed over the  years.
The very first time I heard it was a while ago. It was a time I was cutting apron strings with Prodigy and making my way to AOL. I would practically live online, in those days. So, a lot of music was being played to accompany me on my web adventures. When I heard the sampler with “Pallas Athena” on it, I lost my ever loving mind. I could not get enough of it.
The sampler came from a GQ magazine. The electrifying selection of songs were from Bowie’s upcoming album “Earthling”. All of the songs had me beaming over how that man was managing to still keep so very hot and so very relevant.

Twenty years later.. I’m still beaming over the amount of killer treasure he left for us.

Other favs from “Earthling”


iTunes link for album here

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