Poor Iron Core

At times, I play with fantasy scenarios concerning humans and their relation to Earth. In one exercise, I associate the low quality of the iron core of Earth  being connected to the poor quality of things we do or say. The real fun beginning when I imagine the types of citizens from planets with better grade cores.
I’ll use this story of this poor couple who battled the bullies of the EPA as an example.
The Sackett’s futile victory
More on the issue

On a slightly better planet, let’s say one with a copper core, this couple would have been supported by legions of citizens nationwide. We would have had enthusiastic media cooperation and celebrity headed protests to confront the ne’er-do-wells and “set things right”.
On a silver cored planet, no one would have dared let such a failure of common sense happen. In a world where only politicians writing our laws were subject to random drug and alcohol tests, there would never be illegitimate laws without our approval or knowledge.
On a gold cored planet, the people would be self governing successfully. If anyone were to pen a book of fiction on such an injustice, they’d be smiled at with loving pity and lectured on the importance of keeping a wild imagination tamed and somewhat reasonable.
Because truly, the Sackett’s struggle is about as unbelievable as it gets.

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