Screw ’em

For every woman who went from being worshipped as a sizzling Hot Mama to being disregarded as Daphne the Dumpy Dork after years of weight gain…
For every man who used to get mad buddy love for picking up the tab, now pocket fishing for change to buy a forty ounce he can barely afford..restless idgets smirking behind his back at the liquor store..
For every soul who found the so called grace of his fellow man’s “love” to be the most abundant in the good times..only to realize he never had it in the first place when the bad times come calling…

I’ve got a little loving advice straight from the center of my heart.

Screw ’em.
Screw ’em. Bump ’em. Most of all, you-know-what-starts-with-F-’em all.

You were  a vessel for their personal ego trips. You were adored for merely being in a position of supplying them that which they could never create for themselves. You were the sandwich where the tasty bits were nibbled off, while the bulk (bread, cheese, meat) was carelessly tossed out.
As blind and ignorant as they were to never truly see You deeper than the first layer, you’d be even more so to forget who You are-eventually surrendering the confident stride and strength of conviction that marked You as a truly remarkable force in the first place.
If they lost sight of the rich passion and  generosity that sprang from the genuine core of You, these creatures had no eyes to begin with.
Keep your head up unashamed and steady.
Screw ’em all.

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