Our Reflection in the Black Mirror

It’s an exquisite presentation-the full length “Black Mirror” episode “Fifteen Million Merits” that’s waiting for you on this page.
It’s Boy Meets Girl in an unidentified future with  easily identifiable issues from today.
I’ve seen it a handful of times. Whenever I come across a bit of fiction that manages to show our evolution in a more realistic light and/or set the table for some healthy discussion, I’m an instant fan. As a matter of fact, all of the episodes of Black Mirror have impressed me to the point of sharing them at every possible opportunity  with immense enthusiasm. Even the visuals are quite a kiss-tip-of-the-fingers delight.
If you have an opinion (good, bad) on the evolution of our social hivemindery, watch it.
If you hate how we seem to be feeding a great and ugly beast the very last morsels of our decency..Heck, even if the devouring doesn’t bother you as much as it may thrill you, you must make some time to watch this one.

The full episode I included comes with Spanish subtitles, however original English audio does play.

Below that is a trailer made up of several clips from various other Black Mirror episodes including “Fifteen Million Merits”

“Black Mirror” will be returning for a third season on October 21st. This episode was from the first season. If you are as impressed as I hope you become, continue the journey through either both seasons on Netflix or via  the YouTube service. Then, after that, we’ve only five more days until a new batch of treasure. Enjoy.

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