There’s Gonna Come a Day

There’s gonna come a day, in a future void of our ridiculous hides, where scores of females are going to wonder why we did nothing to prevent the oppression they will be suffering from.
(If they aren’t rendered unaffected, tamed real proper-like due to potentially mandatory “mood maintenance” meds, that is)
 Many may very well be devastated, imprisoned as a result of non-compliance with any one of a bumpload of laws that no average citizen could, or was meant to, decipher.
They’re going to wonder how we allowed the extinguishment of a female’s right to do as she saw fit to do with her own life without tight fisted oversight from all or any of the following…
 the Department of the Treasury;
 the Department of Defense;
 the Department of Justice;
 the Department of Labor;
 the Department of Health and Human Services;
 the Department of Homeland Security;
 the Office of Management and Budget;
 the National Security Staff;
 the Office of the Vice President;
 the Peace Corps;
 the Millennium Challenge Corporation;
 the White House Council on Women and Girls; and
 other executive departments, agencies, and offices, as designated by the Co-Chairs.

Thanks to little ditties like the following Executive Orders ..

Preventing and Responding to Violence Against Women and Girls Globally
Creating the White House Council on Women and Girls
..there should be enough protective padding and helmets for women to  avoid the pesky threat of self reliance and self determination.

I’m not trying to be a Debbie Downer on what  I’m guessing are meant to be some healthy heaping doses of protection for the gals. I mean, these were issues so in need of attention that executive orders where created. Laws in need of immediate compliance, without challenge, straight from the king or queen herself..that has to mean something, right?
Click here for Article on Use and Abuse of EOs
Considering laws governing us are as rife with inconsistencies and vague gaps as they are, it’s not exactly something to smile about.

This is a system where you’ll find this kind of legal gobbledygook sandwiching timber legislation within the middle of an ocean of dos and don’ts contained within an Anti-Drug Abuse Act (1988).Found within Sect.6254

“(c) ACCEPTANCE BY FOREST SERVICE.—The Forest Service is au-
            thorized to accept law enforcement designation from any other
            Federal agency or agency of a State or political subdivision thereof
            for the purpose of cooperating in the investigation and enforcement
            of any Federal or State law or ordinance and regulation of any such
            agency, when such investigation or enforcement is mutually bene-
            ficial to the National Forest System and the cooperating agency or
            jurisdiction, upon entering into a memorandum of understanding or
            cooperative agreement with such agency or jurisdiction.”.
            DEVICES ON FEDERAL LANDS.—Chapter 91 of title 18, United States
            Code, is amended by adding at the end the following new section:
            “§ 1864. Hazardous or injurious devices on Federal lands
               “(a) Whoever—
                     “(1) with the intent to violate the Controlled Substances Act,
                     “(2) with the intent to obstruct or harass the harvesting of
                  timber, or
                    “(3) with reckless disregard to the risk that another person
                  will be placed in danger of death or bodily injury and under
                  circumstances manifesting extreme indifference to such risk,
            uses a hazardous or injurious device on Federal land, on an Indian
            reservation, or on an Indian allotment while the title to such
            allotment is held in trust by the United States or while such
            allotment remains inalienable by the allottee without the consent of
            the United States shall be punished under subsection (b)…….
Print it out. Save it for leisure reading and tea later.
 Goodness only knows what kind of unrelated fine print will bring our great grand daughters to their knees. What’s going to force them into a desperate struggle for true independence-which we could have prevented in the first place, instead of cry babying over the alleged”Horror Assault of the American Male’s Hello”

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