It’s a JOKE People

Some heated articles on recent Trump ‘unearthing’.

Either one of two things is going on, regarding the hullabaloo of Trump’s alleged comments on “dating ten year girls”
We’re either being “treated” to a blatant example of how little the media respects our intelligence by tossing in  junky scraps of news into our cages, waiting for us to dribble and hoot over them.
Or we’re being confronted by the reality of us encouraging the media to treat us like a bunch of overly sensitive children because that’s what we’ve evolved into.
I can not believe, for one minute, that anyone with even a sophomoric knowledge of society and an unimpaired IQ could truly blow this story into the “scandal” it has become.

I can’t recall anyone even remotely near his age (post Ivana) as ever being  his companion. The ones I recall, have been in their twenties. No biggie. It’s a common thing amongst people who have achieved a certain position in life. It would be odd, as a matter of polite fact, if a big shot’s aspirations were to obtain older versions of anything, when their resources allow for newer. That’s not how we tick.
The worst my creative imagination gathered from his comment was  ‘Yup. Ten plus ten does indeed equal twenty..Hm, that sounds about right for Donald’

With that being said, I am finding it hard to accept that we aren’t familiar with the JOKES we tell within our society regarding May-December pairings and the like. Among these jokes, there are many variations of many quips and snips we crack wise over. What Trump said? Many of us have heard that said quite a few times, I’m sure.

 As a young girl, when a man was allowed to be a man without getting castrated over it, even I heard comments directed at me. As  JOKES, not perverted grindings from ill intentioned men. There could be an older dude making a sweet remark on how pretty I’d be and his “intention” to marry me when I was older. Then, as usual, there would come the fatherly pat on the head and a wink assuring me that I wouldn’t always be the shy little knee biter that the kids always picked on.
As I matured into a young woman, I preferred the company of older men. Any man or woman who has had the privilege of dating older lovers in their youth, has heard enough “cruising the playground for dates” jokes to last a lifetime. On the flip-side, the “cruising the nursing home for dates” is commonly spent amongst the younger lovers. But we’re not losing our mind over a public figure laying down a joke after greeting a geriatric on the elevator, so…

That’s all it was. A stupid and well worn joke that folks have been yuckling up for decades.
It shouldn’t even be a topic, it’s that insignificant. But here we are, stirring up or being stirred up into hypertensive states about it.
Why? Who knows why. There’s more important questions that need addressing.

As I stated earlier, it has to do with what in the world we are witnessing.
If it is media manipulation in order to distract from the real concerns we have as citizens, or an indicator of our intellectual or emotional weak spots… those are the things to pull the serious faces over and burn the brain cells on.

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