Step aside, Cookie.

I’m sure the  pumpkin shaped sugar cookie can sit out this Halloween.

Surely, letting another pumpkin shaped something or another share in the holiday spotlight couldn’t hurt. If I am forgiven for the severely casual way I present this particular candidate of an idea….


mini bundt cakes dressed as pumpkins


The more general things needed=

A box of any brand white cake mix

A standard set of food dyes

Green candy chips for melting

A can of white frosting

The not so general things=

A silicone leaf mold meant for melted candies

A mini bundt cake pan.

One looks like this513qiuemmhl

The other, like son86237med



Before you bake your cakes, it would be best to prepare your candy leaves. Melt the candy according to package instructions and pour into the leaf cavities of your choice. You should have a handful of leaves by the time the cakes have been cooled and glazed.

After mixing your white cake batter, put in enough drops of red and yellow to achieve the color of orange that you want. Pour your batter into the mini bundt pan. Bake according to package instructions. I add five minutes to the cupcake version. Remember, you can always administer the Toothpick Test when in doubt.

After baking and cooling, level the cakes by slicing the tops (eventual bottoms when inverted to be decorated as pumpkins). Save them for creative baking projects like cake pops which require plenty of crumbled cake portions. A super cake pop decorating site can be found by pressing Here.

Heat up a portion of your frosting in a microwaveable bowl or cup gradually. Heat it 10 seconds at a time if need be. Heat it until it’s of a consistency suitable for pouring as a glaze. Do not bring to a boil. Pour in enough drops of green dye to match the green candy leaves. Let it cool down a bit, but don’t allow it to solidify.

Pour the glaze over the tops of your cakes, to drip along the grooves of cakes -the “vines” of the candy  leaf you end up placing on top. The leaf should be set in a pool of  glaze settled within the center of each cake.



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