Punkin Chunkin

I didn’t THINK I was interested in watching the hurling of pumpkins, otherwise known as “Punkin Chunkin”.
I could barely stand the melon molesting clown Gallagher

and his cornball ‘humor’, in my youth. Never mind watching teams of folk launching pumpkins into the goof-a-sphere.
Yet..here I am. 😏
Sitting through my (number not to be revealed) th Punkin Chunk competition marathon on my fav channel,” Sci”-the Science Channel.
Here’s a few Punkin Chunkin events-just in case there’s another surprised soul awaiting his/her conversion.

https://youtu.be/9mAIy_TUuHkNow, I AM a big fan of studying the history of ancient siege weapons. Amongst the best..the trebuchet.
Launching much less savory projectiles than pumpkins, (fireballs, large stones and disease riddled corpses ) they are an impressive reminder of ingenious engineering not being solely modern man’s domain.


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