Carrying On

A toast to younger generations of parents who will carry on the more elegant traditions of the Christmas season for their children.
Victorian man and  2 children carrying holly  from 1880 journal
Hats off to those who will choose to bypass the modern media that highlight holiday family fights to snicker over. Instead, they will happily share films void of crude jokes and foul behaviors. Their children will appreciate that “It’s a Wonderful Life” is not the only holiday film from the earliest screen days that warrants affectionate attention. A couple of my childhood favorites can be sampled in the following videos.

A warm embrace to those who will fill their home with the elegant and pure magic of angel voiced choirs.
Starting with my most favorite Christmas carol to sing and listen to..

May these parents remain unconcerned by modern covers of traditional Christmas songs. Where pseudo sentimental singers howl out notes for as high and long as they can, sustaining a waver or warble in their voice to emphasize their “soulfulness”..or their skill at endurance yodeling, either one.

Last, but definitely not least, a loving acknowledgement for those who (regardless of sect or village) continue to share the story of Jesus’s arrival on earth..for it is, after all, THE reason for the season that we celebrate.

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