The Great Beauty

The beginning party scene was one of the most exhilarating film openers in a while. Especially when Tom Servillo melted onto the screen the way that he did.

But the take-down scene you can view in the following video, that was one for the eternal books. I hadn’t heard a movie delivery that struck me like this since “Network”.

It was the type of a speech that too few of us are brave enough to give. Never mind with the cool and quick ease in which it flowed forth.

That’s all right, it feels inspirational simply to see it.

Bless the creators who made it so.

Imagine the face of any smug “know-it-all” who ever gave you grief. Disrespected your life. Or simply eyeballed you with naked self righteous contempt.

Then, enjoy the scene.

The soundtrack is quite a sweet collection on its own.

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