We, The Criminals

 I was quite concerned over the passing of Utah legislation which involves punishing “criminals” who engage in the “health hazard” of consuming porn and self pleasuring.
I remembered a section, in the text of 2011’s Appropriations and Fund Transfers in the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, that struck me as ‘funny’ at that time.
(If unable to zoom in, take note of the section markers on the left side. You’ll find them by  link at bottom of the page.)
There was a stress on sexual abstinence education. Considering our liberal casualness regarding sex, I thought it odd to see a focus on abstinence.
At the time, I made a half joking speculation.
It had to do with not putting it past our Handlers to purposefully allow a certain “controlled social deterioration”-paving the way for a “necessary intervention” of strict authorities further down the road.
There’s nothing to joke about, now, as a serious amount of laws are being forced down our throats or snuck past us, weasel style.

Another nation of “free peoples”, England , has enforced their own intrusive porn legislation, banning actions considered “harmful and unsafe”.
England’s Porn censorship
I’m not so certain that the sexual censorship is unassociated with  carefully schemed and long awaited  opportunity. I’m most certain it has very little to do with any morality standards or so-called salvations of  marriages. Society, for the most part hasn’t respected religion enough to even prevent the banning of Christmas trees, never mind  push for laws spawned by what , frankly, sounds like maniac bible thumping on the “evils of masturbation”.

We need to take a look at the destructive debates we’ve been nudged into fighting one another over. A good example being the “sexual harassment” men are being accused of and the confusing messages over what constitutes “forcing women against their will”.

We need to take a good and hard look at executive orders demanding governmental oversight  over damned near every aspect of a woman’s life (click following links to read orders)…
There is very disturbing legislative focus fixed directly on the female and her private interpersonal affairs.
The very idea of committees being formed over “what’s best” for females should send a bad sci-fi kind of shiver down the spine.

This criminalizing of the natural sexual instincts/actions of the human male means an intolerable amount of innocent men suffering as criminals. For what purpose are these insane perversions being forged; the vilification of the man and depiction of the woman as a helpless victim?
While, from the other side of twisted lips, we’re being bombarded with messages of being  the “empowered and strong-as-any-man ” kind of sister and the “much more sensitive than Daddy was” kind of brother.

It’s critical for us to find our way beyond the harm people, no better than the least of us, are intending to inflict upon us or threaten us with. As soon as possible and as smart as possible..even if only for the future’s sake.
Unless, of course, we don’t mind the legacy to our grandchildren being one of collective surrender- their once-upon-a-time inheritance of free will having been violated, brutalized and permanently disposed of.
The full text-Appropriations and Fund Transfers in the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) from 2011,  is available at the following link

Click to access CRS-AUTOMATIC%20FUNDING%20IN%20HEALTH%20CARE%20LAW.pdf

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