Two Questions

Warning: For the minors- There’s bad language on the page and a  sarcastic fury boiling within my tummy.
While I don’t suggest reading my rant, I don’t see why you can’t take a peek at what your governing “masters” believe should be the type of things they have the right to decide for you…even after you turn 21. Even if you come back one day, as a grown man, from a war.. having had fought for this country and what you thought was freedom.
Click the following link to read this outrageous crying shame.

Two Questions that these obnoxious pricks need to answer…
1-What so called violence are they talking about that’s being “normalized’ in our society due to porn?
What specific acts of violence are these pricks (and any other pricks who help spread this sicko legislative oversight) talking about?
Surely, they are not talking about the force and energy with how hard a male physically “attacks” a vagina with his penis IS IT? One may laugh, but when you read the part about the evils of “teaching boys to be users and girls to be used”, one can’t help but be narrowed down to such a possibility.

I don’t exactly see severed heads and bashed in skulls on the rise on account of the zombie movies and games. I can see concerns over that sort of imagery having an effect on the disposition and temper of our young. It’s not censored, though, is it? Citizens aren’t being threatened with loss of their freedom for watching “Faces of Death” for the hundredth time. There’s no snitch hotline for reporting JoJo for watching heads blow up in a cinematic clip of his favorite video game.

Think of the things seen on HBO, Showtime and any number of networks on any number of screens. Everyone knows our game industry is wicked thick with carcass- sawed- in- half violent imagery.
There are legitimate examples of imagery that can foster violence desensitization amongst the young.
Bullet holes between eyes
Blood spraying
Decapitations, rotting flesh and the close up shots of eyes being thumbed out of skulls..on and on.
That is some pretty damned violent and vile imagery. Yet, no punishable laws exist regarding their consumption…yet.

What is happening in porn that can be tied to violence being committed or encouraged in the public at large?
There aren’t any public nude spankings that I’m aware of. No ball gagged chicks moping around coffee houses. Hog tied girls left at the train station? Nope. I haven’t spotted any of those.
Is it the roughness of poundings that can occur when women are mounted? Hell, if they’re talking about screams and groans some women let loose during sex, I have to admit with a blush, some can sound like they’re being buggered to death. But they can most certainly bet it isn’t associated with violent intentions. If so, so damned what if it is between consenting adults? Many women enjoy it actually-rough sex, dominance and the like. What’s in store for them, considering the  big concern over the safety of women and children? Are they doomed to end up in mental facilities or on forced medication for having such drives? Will they be forced into wearing a sexual monitor of sorts after jail to track probationary limited number of thumps and bumps, slapping on the cuffs after too many humps?

Maybe, our Superior Suited Ones are in need of updated courses on sex and the human animal’s basic nature.
Sure, why not? It could be like it was with our own children over the decades. School officials insisting upon often unwelcome and explicit sex ed without the parent’s knowledge or permission.
Condoms being handed out in public schools..
Abortions being arranged without notifying parents..
Instructing our children on masturbation and blow jobs instead of baby making kind of sex..

Click the following links to read infuriating examples of how government, once again, blatantly lets you know that your children are not yours, but theirs to raise-Nasty as they want to be, exposing YOUR CHILDREN to the very material grown citizens will be arrested for.


2- Who or what in hell gave them the “right” to hurt us for not honoring the laws they vomit onto our plates?

Who the hell are these people? I really need some help here, because all I can mostly see is a group of self worshipping shmoes, disguising their thrift store confidences in fancy suits.

Maybe it is a joke. Some kind of sick distraction.
I don’t know. I only know that the last time I checked, the only type of people known to force themselves into one’s private sexual  spaces without permission, creating fear and bringing the shame of helplessness. ..were  Molesters and Rapists.
We were assured that we had every right to protect our bodies and minds from such intimate intrusions. Unless that was just one big stinking deception as well.

Not only is the Emperor walking without clothes, siblings…it would seem the pervert is feeling on himself, locking eyes with you and smirking as he waddles on by.

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