Leave the Old Lady Alone

I watched a broadcast concerning this cranky old lady. She went on an insulting and loud tangent regarding a customer in front of her.

First of all, to the individual who shot this video and submitted it.. shame on your tattling and snitching self. One day soon, may you get caught in a compromising position in public as another “responsible citizen” blasts your business right out there for his own attentions.
Just as the old woman in the video was being hunted down in order to be banned from the mall, I don’t think it a bad idea to post your mug online as well; calling for a ban of you in certain public spaces.
For those of us who appreciate not being scandalized to millions of strangers worldwide. One can’t be sure when a “Buttinsky”, such as yourself, will be itchin’ to boost his/her esteem at the expense of defenseless others. It would help people avoid being in the same space as you, possibly avoiding becoming the next target of your ‘on the field’ reporting.
Like our female “Archie”(Bunker , specifically), a declared manhunt for you could assure the public that efforts are being made to provide “safety” from the “danger” of your presumed future actions as well.

I heard a TV host  reporting on this mess say that if anyone had a so called “inkling” of a heart, they would find this to be a most awful and terrible thing.
As if… nearly every single one of us has not said something out of turn about another human being. Ever.
Just because you  giggle whisper greasy insults over what Donna wore to the office doesn’t mean you’re entitled to because you kept the volume down. Unless, of course, your orders to judge us mortals beneath your glorious carcass came from god Itself.
As if…there was a voted upon set of mandatory laws that I missed, calling for disciplinary actions for those who raise their voices to a certain level , spewing vile and ignorant trash. In that case, I would suggest immediate designated roundups of human beings shouting all kinds of belligerent dreck at concerts, sporting events and drunken parties.
As if …..(this is for those shocked over the video’s ‘ racist’ tone)..there aren’t insults launched our way, by some equally rude foreign citizens, as well. Thinking they’re on the sly, some cussing us out or mocking us, in front of our very confused faces . Laughter or smirks on how we’re unable to translate what the hell they just said. The laws allowing them to bypass learning English in order to work/live here. Where’s the video expressing that very enraging and ignorant action?
Once again, that was for those who support mocking/scolding this woman based upon misperceived “hate crime harassment”; the door swings both ways many times.

The anger expressed by our cowardly citizenry is a fine example re: why there is increasing instances of government poking its nose into our private business. It’s as if we’re red faced and diaper grabbing babies, screaming for “daddy” or “mommy” to do something about our “meanie” of a sister.
For shame. Seriously.
I wouldn’t risk seeming like a “heartless” person, if it weren’t for the fact that we’ve taken this ‘holier than thee’ indignation to nauseating extremes.
One fairly recent example =When a wildfire of hate, including death threats,  arose from news of an individual who DARED to do with her time (play Pokémon Go) as she saw fit at a concert that she paid HER own money for.
Nauseating-how we encourage arcane mob behavior by snatching opportunities to drag another human being into the town square to be jeered at and humiliated. Worse still, to hunt down  another human being as if they committed a felony, in need of immediate capture.
And we call ourselves adult Americans.
As if ..precious blood wasn’t spilled in wars waged to create this America. A country where , at the very least, all knew they could be  free to say or do what they wished without causing harm deemed punishable by law.
There are dozens of unsavory actions that are committed each and every day on this planet. I thought we were adult enough to look away and allow people their spaces. I could have sworn that I had heard something about a rule on “doing unto others as you would have them do unto you”…

I hate to spoil the day of some puppy eyed and milk breathed innocent, but we are human beings-faulty, crude, imperfect. Deal with it. We’ve been dealing with it for thousands of years.

Still feel the need to climb on your stump and wag your finger on how a new age calls for a new mindset and sensitivities? Then, pass laws we ALL have to abide by. Don’t cherry pick certain individuals while others get off free. Laws that round up any of us who express any type of ugliness and subject us to being shamed publicly for the mistakes we commit. If we’re going to act like a bunch of backwards bumpkins, pointing fingers as we do, let’s do it right like the “good old days”.

In the meantime , think about that, when your time may come. When an email you write, blackout drunk at 2a.m. , is publicly posted. Or when you vent on some stupid lunch time rant. Unaware that your weasel eyed BFF is secretly recording the angry words coming from your face, thanks to a phone tucked between her fat thighs under the table.
Just as you feel no need to exercise decent respect for those who succumb to their “faulty human quirks”, you too will not have anywhere to hide nor anyone to stand up for you.

Even if you’ve lived a good life and  have been loved by your friends and family for many years.

Beware of that one misstep in your life being seen by millions of oglers. Considering your rabid insensitivities to others, as the exposure humiliates you deeply…may you at least be righteous enough to keep your trap shut and take it.
Unless, of course, you take intense pride in being the stone cold judgmental hypocrite that you are.

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