Meeting Wentworth

It’s creative analogy time.
Let’s say, watching “Orange is the New Black” represents someone you’re dating. She leaves you to do some mission work overseas or some such ness while we await next season for her return.
Now, enter the show “Wentworth” .

She’s the older sister keeping you company while sis is away.
Mm hm.
Though they share a few family traits,”Wentworth” is definitely the better looker and loads smarter; never mind that intriguing foreign accent she lays across the ears.
Your heart will probably be plagued by thoughts of this one so much that it’ll be hard to even look “Orange” in the eyes when she gets back.
Even though you and “O” have been going steady for some years now, this one may steal you clean away without too much fuss at all. ☺

The following link is information re: impressive outstanding “Wentworth” actor Pamela Rabe

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